Hot Out? Cool Down This Weekend With 10 New Netflix Canada Releases

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
The unreliable narrator is a storytelling device responsible for some of the most stirring plot twists we’ve seen on TV and film. There’s no shame in thinking fondly of fictional characters — we often can’t help but form parasocial bonds with characters we love and the actors playing them. But this love doesn't mean we can trust them. Remember on Mr. Robot when Elliot (Rami Malek) disguised the fact that he had been in prison for most of season 2? Or in Shutter Island when we find out that Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) isn’t actually who he says he is? Or both Nick and Amy’s subtle and over-the-top sketchiness in Gone Girl?
This week, Netflix Canada’s new crop of releases are full of narrators with questionable credibility. UK doc Misha and the Wolves digs into the holes of a Holocaust survivor’s story about living among wolves and Riverdale is doubling down on narrator Jughead’s alien abduction storyline, (although it’s unclear if that’s what’s actually happening.) Can they be trusted? You be the judge. Read on for what else is new on Netflix Canada and what’s worth checking out. 

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