TikTok’s One-Minute Ponytail Hack Made My Hair Look Twice As Long

When it comes to hairstyling hacks, TikTok is unrivalled. From heatless curls to the messy bun trick, the app will help you achieve all manner of trending styles in moments — and on a budget.
This summer, it's all about updos, specifically chic ponytails. The "perfect ponytail" hack recently went viral for taking a flat, lacklustre ponytail and giving it a gravity-defying boost. This week, another ponytail technique is doing the rounds thanks to TikTok page @beautyhacks.

What is TikTok's double ponytail hack and why has it gone viral?

TikTok's double ponytail hack consists of two separate ponytails — one on top of the other — an inch or so apart. The position of the second ponytail (a little lower down than the first) gives the illusion of much longer hair, while the first ponytail hides the gap in between them. It's the perfect solution for those with shorter or medium-length hair who want their ponytails to appear longer in an instant (or for big fans of Ariana Grande). The Beauty Hacks video is so popular that it has garnered 6.2 million views and over 500 thousand likes and counting. It also makes the trick look incredibly simple.

How do you do TikTok's double ponytail hack?

The double ponytail hack is actually really easy to do at home, even if you count yourself a hairstyling novice. All you need is two hair ties and a tail comb. Use the pin tail to separate your hair into two manageable sections: a top half and a bottom half.
Tie up the top section of hair as you would a usual ponytail and secure by giving your lengths a tug in the middle. Now, onto the bottom section of hair. Use a claw clip to move the first ponytail to the front or twist it away from you so that you have room to focus on the second. Gather up the bottom section of hair and tie it up using the other hairband. Depending on the length of your hair, the second ponytail should sit about half an inch to an inch below the top ponytail.
Step 1
Step 2
Once that's all tied, flip your first ponytail backwards so that it conceals the hair tie that's holding the second ponytail. As the second ponytail is a little lower than the first, hair instantly appears longer than if you were to scoop all of your lengths up into one simple ponytail.

Does TikTok's double ponytail hack actually work?

Yes! The tried-and-true trick is nothing new, but it definitely works and can be adapted for many different hair lengths, types, and textures. I have shoulder-length hair now but I wish I knew about this hack when I had a bob last summer and missed tying it up in the heat. Another plus is that the technique will help take the pressure off your scalp if you have very thick hair or a lot of it. Traditional ponytails end up pulling and becoming painful after a short while, but as the hair is split into two manageable sections, it feels a lot more comfortable to wear.
You shouldn't need any hair products to achieve the look, but if your hair is just washed and feels a little slippery, you might want to spritz in a little dry shampoo or texture spray to give your ponytail more hold. If your hair is prone to snagging, invest in some silk hair ties, which are kinder on strands, especially when you take your ponytail down.
Considering how quick and easy this is to achieve (not to mention a lot less tight and uncomfortable), I'll be wearing my hair up a lot more this summer.
This story was originally published on Refinery29 UK.

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