Skipping The Oscars This Weekend? Here’s What To Watch On Netflix Canada Instead

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
It’s been a week. Between the tail end of the Derek Chauvin trial and the widespread frustration from Ontario’s new restrictions, it feels like we’ve been jetting from one tense situation to the next. And with the Oscars finally taking place this weekend (this year’s ceremony was delayed due to COVID), it’s hard to get into the awards-season spirit knowing that the world is in disarray. I have absolutely no interest in hearing presenters crack jokes about the pandemic or watching their maskless merriment. Read the room, famous people! 
Trust me, I would love to watch Chloé Zhao make history or see Chadwick Boseman get his due, but the Academy gets it wrong way more often than it gets it right and I don’t have the bandwidth to be let down by them yet again. After all, they’re already on thin ice for not acknowledging Delroy Lindo’s performance in Da 5 Bloods (among other snubs).
If you’re caught up on this year’s nominees or forgoing a live watch of Hollywood’s biggest night, there’s no shortage of new drops to pique your interest instead. Read on for Netflix Canada’s latest and greatest to stream this weekend. 

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