The Made For Love Cast Will Make You Swoon

Photo: Courtesy of HBO Max.
Forget the dating apps, HBO Max's new series Made For Love posits a world where you and your partner can connect on a neurological level. The sci-fi series based on Alissa Nutting's novel of the same name explores what happens when two become one — brain that is, thanks to an embeddable chip that strives to make marriage more full proof. It does this by co-mingling a couple's hearts, minds, and identities for full optimization. The hope is that by sharing one mind, they'll become a "network of two."
Luckily, the cast of Made For Love expands its ranks to make this rather horrifyingly toxic concept absurdly funny. It's all thanks to the series' stars, including a Veep villain, Shrill's resident smart ass, and everyone's favorite Raymond. We'd be remiss not to mention Made For Love's star Cristin Milioti, who somehow found an even weirder sci-fi romp to star in after Palm Springs.
Alongside some of your comedic faves are a few new faces you're going to want to know. Seriously, try not to fall in lust with Augusto Aguilera, we dare you. With that teaser, it's time to meet the stars of HBO Max's Made For Love which Canadians will be able to stream April 16 on Amazon Prime.

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