14 Shows To Watch When You Run Out Of Bridgerton Episodes

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Like every other person with taste, you've finished all eight episodes of Bridgerton. Netflix's new Regency-set romance series was the show to watch this Christmas and was sadly far too watchable to savour. While there are no other shows exactly like Bridgerton — English language romance series are pretty rare, let alone inclusive, funny, and saucy ones — we are here to help you find something to fill that Simon Basset-shaped hole in your life. 
Despite Bridgerton setting a new bar for romance programming, there are plenty of romantic, historical, erotic, sexy, and outrageous offerings that will give you a little rush while you're coming down from the high of Shonda Rhimes' gorgeous new series. We've got everything from sci-fi time travel adventures, contemporary love stories, and historical K-drama magic. There are even some queer period pieces tucked in for those of you who found Bridgerton a little too straight. 
Whether you're looking for love, lighthearted period adventures, or something a little more serious, you'll find it here. While Bridgerton season 1 might be over, there are plenty more dreamy romantic shows for you to enjoy. And the best news is that all of these series are streaming for your holiday viewing pleasure right now.

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