10 Netflix Canada Treats To Watch This Halloween Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of PHIL BRAY/NETFLIX.

We’re about to approach the part of the year where in an instant, everything goes from pumpkin spice to Santa Claus, and every store that you walk into plays “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on an incessant loop.
Although we have at least six weeks until winter officially begins, I find that Halloween tends to be the last time of the year that really feels like fall. Everything is obviously different this year, but rushing into the holidays is tradition at this point, and I’m certain that we will still feel that early pre-seasonal shift from the confines of quarantine. Just last week I spotted a Christmas-themed retail window display, and yesterday I found a holiday gift guide in my inbox. 
Still, there’s so much fall to enjoy before it’s over. And with IRL costume parties out of the question and trick-or-treating cancelled in several Canadian cities, Halloween movies are an easy way to feel a semblance of normalcy this year.
We’ve put together all of Netflix Canada’s new, new-ish, and just plain good releases, some scary, others not scary at all.

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