Is The Oppenheim Group From Selling Sunset Real?

Photo: Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images.
In a pandemic world, there isn't much to do except binge watch Netflix shows that remind of literally anything but staying inside all day. For many of us, that's meant diving headfirst into the Real Housewives meets Property Brothers world of Selling Sunset. In case you've been Netflix-less for the last six months, here's a quick run down: twin brokers, Jason and Brett Oppenheim, run a brokerage on The Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. The brokerage, which has reportedly closed over a billion dollars in real estate deals, is home to a group of ridiculously attractive, highly successful real estate agents — all of whom are women with expensive taste and a flair for the dramatic. While the show is more boyfriend drama and less fancy house porn, it does depict a seemingly legit brokerage with an office, a staff, and a swath of million-dollar listings across Los Angeles. The question is, is the Oppenheim Group real or just a figment of reality TV imagination? Here's the lowdown.

Is The Oppenheim Group Real?

Yes, but the show doesn't show everything. According to The Oppenheim Group website, the group's broker is Jason Oppenheim and the agents include Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn, Mary Fitzgerald, Davina Potratz, Maya Vander, Heather Young, and Amanza Smith. The group also has five more agents and an additional staff of three. Their listings range from a $799,000 USD one-bedroom flat to a $100,000,000 USD commercial building.

Did Brett Leave The Group?

Brett Oppenheim is noticeably missing from the site except for a brief mention in The Oppenheim Group history, which explains that Jason and Brett are fifth-generation brokers and their great-great-great grandfather leased the office that would become Paramount Pictures. Real estate agent Christine Quinn recently confirmed to Glamour UK that Brett had left the group to start his own real estate venture. A bit of digging found Oppenheim Real Estate, which lists Brett as the president and broker and offers both broker services and renovation consultation. It is unclear when exactly Brett left, so we'll have to wait for season 4 for answers.

Who Actually Owns The Oppenheim Group?

Jason Oppenheim is listed as the president and founder and though Brett appears on Selling Sunset, he has been scrubbed clean from the website, leading us to assume Jason now has sole ownership.

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