How Old Are The Too Hot To Handle Cast Members?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Last month, Netflix gave Love Island a run for its money with Love Is Blind. This week, Netflix upped the ante even more with another bingeable, oddly relevant dating show: Too Hot To Handle.
On the show, 14 beautiful 20-somethings are sent to a beach in Mexico with the promise of a $100,000 USD grand prize. The twist? They aren't allowed to have sex, or even kiss (these rules might sound familiar to anyone currently quarantined without a significant other). Ignoring the guidelines comes at a high cost: an all-knowing, Alexa-like robot called Lana deduces thousands of dollars from the cash prize each time two people touch. It's all very 2020.
While the Love Is Blind had multiple cast members in their 30s, Too Hot skews a bit younger. The show was filmed in April 2019, meaning some cast members were only 20 years old — and none of the contestants were over 29. Read on for the current ages of all your favourite (and least favourite) contestants on Netflix's horniest reality show yet.

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