Your Horoscope This Week

We're given a moment to reflect on how we react to change this week. We could feel compelled to make impulsive decisions on Tuesday, as action planet Mars forms a square against change-making Uranus. We may be tempted to rebel against authority or lash out against others. Reminding ourselves of the importance of community will help us avoid getting ahead of ourselves. We’re ready to uncover hidden truths on Tuesday, while Mercury, the messenger planet, creates a sextile with powerful Pluto. This energy makes us persuasive, enabling us to convince people to join our cause. On the flip side, we should be wary of anyone who makes extravagant promises or asks too much of us. On Tuesday, chatty Mercury forms a sextile with lucky Jupiter, bringing us an air of optimism that prepares us to approach challenges with new hope and allows us to collaborate easily. We'll seek support and advice from our network on Tuesday at 10:34 p.m. EST, when the Moon waxes full in Libra. The full Moon amplifies the emotions created by Tuesdays' three transits, so make sure that you’re careful before starting new projects or expecting too much from others. Starting Saturday, communication-ruling Mercury makes his way into ambitious Aries. This transit can compel us to act first and think later. It pays to be intentional; take a moment to consider consequences before making moves. Saturday also offers an opportunity to get organized, as thoughtful Mercury forms a sextile with disciplined Saturn. This transit helps us to think analytically and to accomplish goals quickly. Use this sextile to pick up a book, or learn a new skill. 

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