Where We Left Off On Ozark Season 2

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Ozark season 2 finale.
Wendy is all in, but Marty's not so sure. That's how Ozark season 2 ended. While the money laundering husband and wife, played by Laura Linney and Jason Bateman, were able to get the casino deal through, endearing them to the Navarro cartel for the moment, it might have come at the cost of their family. Marty wanted to run away and leave it all behind, but Wendy seems to have let all this power go to her head. "This is who I am and who I wanna be," she very sincerely tells her kids in the closing moments of the finale. Wendy might have straight up snapped.
Since last season's finale was so full of unexpected twists and turns it's worth recapping where we left off on Ozark season 2 before the Netflix series returns on March 27. The final moments set fans up for a very eventful season 3. Though, knowing Ozark, it will have even more surprises up its sleeve when it returns.

Wendy Is The Boss Now

Killing Pastor Mason Young (Michael Mosley) broke something in Marty, who is a bit more emotional than he once was. This might be why Wendy decided to pick up the slack. She's ordering hits, using her political skills to get things done, and buddying up to the Navarro cartel's lawyer Helen (Janet McTeer), who is impressed by her ability to make the casino deal happen. Wendy's even made the decision to keep the family in the Ozarks to capitalize on all this good will. But can Wendy really keep the family safe? Well, I definitely wouldn't mess with her.

Where Is Baby Zeke?

To cover up Mason's murder, Wendy and Marty took his infant son Zeke in, telling social services the preacher had disappeared without a trace. Let's be honest, they might not be the best foster parents for this little boy, but Darlene (Lisa Emery) might be even worse. Marty helped Darlene foster Zeke in hopes of making nice on the casino, which is on her land, and keeping his kids safe. Hopefully, this means no more impromptu haircuts for Jonah (Skylar Gaertner). Let's assume, though, that this is not Zeke's forever home. A smart bet is that Darlene will be up to her devious ways again real soon. Seriously, don't drink her lemonade.

What's Going On With Charlotte?

Marty planned to head to the Gold Coast of Australia once the casino was up and running, but Wendy decided it was better for the family to stay in the Ozarks and try their luck. It's why Marty tells his teenage daughter Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) in the final minutes of the finale that if she really wants to seek emancipation, he will no longer fight her. Not sure Wendy is going to be happy when she gets wind of that.

Cade Is Dead

In the final minutes of the season 2 finale, Cade (Trevor Long) is shot down as he attempts to leave town with a half a million dollars of the Navarro cartel's money. It's Wendy who gave him the cash and also set him up, asking Helen to take him out. It's yet to be seen how Ruth (Emmy-winner Julia Garner) will take the death of her dad. Not to mention the news that she is no longer taking over Marty's business.
It's also worth noting the guy who shot Cade is someone we have yet to meet. Clearly, he's someone the Navarro cartel trusted to make Wendy's problem go away, which is why he should be considered a major player in season 3.

Wyatt Knows Who Killed His Dad

In the season 2 finale, Ruth tearfully tells Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) that she was the one who killed his dad Russ (Marc Menchaca). She did it to protect him, as well as the money she planned to give him for college, but could her reveal mark her demise? Would Wyatt rat out his cousin? Well, we'll have to wait and see.

Petty Is Gone, But His Car Isn't

Cade killed FBI agent Roy Petty (Jason Butler Harner), but he didn't do a good job of hiding the evidence. The cops found Petty's car hidden in the woods and clearly, they're going to want answers as to how it got there. Being that Ruth was one of the last people Petty interrogated in the case against Marty it's hard to believe this isn't going to come back to haunt her and the Byrdes in season 3.

The Kansas City Mafia Is After Marty

Marty made an enemy of the Kansas City mafia the minute he agreed to build the casino without union workers. He swears he has a plan to get union leader Frank Cosgrove's (John Bedford Lloyd) men working, but that didn't reassure the mafia, who blew up Marty's office. Let's hope Wendy has a plan for this, too.
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