The First Season Of Love Is Blind Was Filmed A Long, Long Time Ago

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
It's been about a week since Love Is Blind dropped on Netflix. If you have a Netflix account or follow Chrissy Teigen on Instagram, then you're probably already hooked (or hours from falling headfirst into a Love is Blind marathon). How could you not be? The dating experiment has couples profess their love to each other and propose literal marriage without ever seeing their partners — and that's just what happens in the first two episodes.
In the following two episodes, the newly engaged couples went on a pre-honeymoon trip to Mexico, spent their first night together, and started to develop their physical connections. The second batch of four episodes, released February 20, show the couples taking other big steps like moving in together, buying wedding dresses and tuxedos, and meeting each other's families all while the speedy countdown to their wedding day ticks away. The experiment is 38 days long, from start to finish, but knowing how long the experiment is is only half as important as when Love is Blind filmed all this action. Luckily, we can finally confirm that it was, in fact, a very long time ago.
At a Love Is Blind event in late February, contestant Damian Powers (who proposed to Giannina Milady Gibelli on the reality show) told Refinery29 that the first season stopped filming on November 15, 2018. Using the math — 38 days total, 10 days in the pods, and 28 days face-to-face — would mean that the Love Is Blind couples all met in the pods around October 9, 2018, and in person on October 19, 2018. That's over a year ago. These couples went through this crazy experience and have had to publicly hide their marriage or breakup for over 14 months. For comparison's sake, Bachelor and Bachelorette leads generally have to keep their final relationship status under wraps for just over three months (and a few have even accidentally revealed their final choices after a few weeks).
The Love Is Blind couples are just now getting to see the process of how they fell in love with their current spouse or ex-fiancé. The timing of Love Is Blind’s roll out does seem odd considering that the couples were on a short timeline to say “I do” just to wait over a year for people to see their relationships develop. The ones who ended up together have already celebrated their first wedding anniversaries! Then again, there's a lot that goes into getting a show filmed, sold, and distributed, so that's kind of what you sign up for on a fledgling new reality show.
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