How To Survive The First Mercury Retrograde Of The Decade

Photo: Getty Images.
The first Mercury retrograde of the year — and decade — begins on February 16. The first planet from the sun has been moving through Pisces since February 3. On the 16th, it will begin to move backwards in its orbit, as seen from our perspective here on Earth.
While it’s retrograding, Mercury will re-enter Aquarius on March 4. Then, after the planet begins to move forward again on March 9, it will return to the sign of the Fish on March 16.
In astrology, Mercury rules communication, technology, and travel, so when it retrogrades, prepare for these areas to get a little messed up. Think exes in your DMs, social media platforms going down, and missing your flight. 
However, we’ve got some good news: This Mercury retrograde will be the easiest of the three we’ll experience in 2020. “Out of the three times Mercury is going to be retrograde this year — it will also retrograde in the summer and in the fall — this retrograde is Pisces is the most positive one,” says Narayana Montufar, senior astrologer at and
That’s because Mercury is in its fall in Pisces, meaning the pair aren’t a natural fit. “While it is true that Mercury’s logical and analytical capabilities will be debilitated during these three weeks, this retrograde won’t be as bad because the degree in which Mercury will station retrograde is a degree ruled by Venus, according to ancient astrology,” Montúfar says.
We have Venus to thank for making this retrograde relatively easy. “This retrograde will be infused with the positive, pleasurable vibes of Venus…yay!” Montúfar says. “Yes, there will be the classical misunderstandings and technological glitches, and when we communicate, it will feel like we are talking underwater. So, when frustration knocks at our door, the best thing we can do is take a bath, go for a walk on the beach, watch a movie, or even better — do something creative.”
The worst of the retrograde will come while Mercury moves back into Aquarius. Astrologer Lisa Stardust explains, “This time around, Mercury will turn retrograde during its swim in the reflective waves of Pisces and head back into Aquarius, which will cause confusion around our emotions and intuition.”
She adds, “Lies will be exposed and receptions revealed, due to elusive Neptune’s heavy hand in this transit. Paranoias will reach a peak high. Grounding exercises and meditations are key to help us all get through this emotionally charged and confusing time.”
Despite all the panic, astrologers advise that this much-maligned transit can actually be useful. As Montúfar explains, “Mercury retrogrades are the opportunities the universe gives us to slow down in order to reflect, redo, rethink, and reconceptualize important things in our lives. And when we consciously listen to this call instead of freaking out, we can actually make these retrogrades work for us instead of against us.”

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