Venus Is Entering Pisces, So Get Ready To Fall In Love

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We’ve still got a month until Valentine’s Day, but astrologically, the time for romance is already here. On January 13 Venus, the planet of love, will enter Pisces, where it will stay until February 7. This is a particularly special time: In astrological terms, we say Venus is “exalted” in Pisces, meaning that the planet is particularly well-placed in this sign. It makes sense, because Pisces’ gentle, artistic, emotional vibe is one that’s perfect for romance.
Venus’ transit through Pisces is “one of the most tender times of the year,” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust. “When Venus enters sensitive and dreamy Pisces, we’ll all be washed away by the rapturous undercurrents of love. Venus’s placement in the sign of Pisces is its favourite spot! Venus is exalted in Pisces because love has no depths here.”
During this time, embrace romance in all forms. Spend time with your partner if you have one, schedule some dates if you’re single, be generous to your friends, and make space in your life for art. “Giving all to others comes easily, as the heart has infinite depths,” Stardust says. “Music, art, creation, and emotions become very fluid in this placement, as well as the imagination.”
Stephanie Powell, head of content at and, adds, “When Venus enters Pisces, the collective energy will shift in matters of love — we’re eager to focus on deeper, meaningful bonds. In matters of love and beauty, Venus will operate at its highest octave.”
Enjoy everything this time brings, but keep in mind that it’s akin to wearing rose-coloured glasses: We're seeing things as a little bit better as they are. “The energy is receptive, healing and compassionate, which can also have us ignoring red flags,” Powell says. “It will be a period of time that can blur our boundaries, so it will be important to be firm in maintaining and clarifying your wants and needs.”
As long as you don’t forget caution, though, go ahead and get romantic. “Venus in Pisces ultimately offers us a chance to re-connect and embrace intimacy — a few weeks where there’s no such thing as too much cuddling,” Powell says.
According to Stardust, we’ll see an even greater boost in our love lives on January 26 and 27. On January 26, Venus squares Mars, meaning that they make a particular angle that puts the planets’ energies into conflict. But with Venus ruling love and Mars ruling desire, “this will be the steamiest day of Venus in Pisces transit,” Stardust says. “Expect to feel sensual and magnetic on the 26th.” 
Then, the 27th “is the best love day of the whole year,” she says. “Neptune adds some fluff and flirtations to Venus’s beautiful imagination. We will be swept away by the dream and magic brought our way.”
Some more good news: Dating apps are particularly popular in January. Time to get swiping. 

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