Who Is Rahne Jones, The The Politician‘s Breakout Star?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix's new show The Politician is about, among many other things, the scramble for the perfect student body president running mate — and River (David Corenswet) found one in fellow Saint Sebastian High School student Skye, played by newcomer Rahne Jones opposite an otherwise recognisable cast. Skye is bold, opinionated, and refreshing. Jones is those things, too, but mostly she's just happy to be here.
If you go to her IMDB to check out what other things the actress has appeared in, it begins and ends with Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, an Ian Brennan's latest hit. That's because before The Politician, Jones was somewhere totally different: Homeland Security.
In conversation with Refinery29 in New York City, Jones said she worked for the Department of Homeland Security for four years before the urge to act overtook her.
"I quit because I was like, I can't do this anymore," she explained. "I moved to New York just to see how it would go. And then I found theatre and I loved it. It was a thing that I always wanted to do, but was too afraid do. I went for it and then things just started to fall in line."
She did some community theatre and other small gigs, but even the most seasoned NYC actors don't end up on the set of a Ryan Murphy vehicle, let alone the first of what will apparently be five seasons of the Netflix show.
“Stepping into the world was surreal because I've seen literally everything he's ever done," Jones explained. "Huge fan of him, Brad, and Ian. It was surreal not only to work with them, but to work with the [cast] who I've watched, and they're just so talented. It was a whirlwind in the best way. I'm just overjoyed to be here sitting here."
After her arresting Netflix debut, Jones' IMDB page won't be this empty for long, but for now, the actress is happy to stand by The Politician's side.

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