New Netflix Series Puts An Even More Horrific Spin On Fyre Festival

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
After warring documentaries on Hulu and Netflix over that failed music festival in the Bahamas, Netflix is pulling out ahead by adding one more piece of Fyre Festival-related content. Welcome to The I-Land, Netflix's new limited series, which uses the same iconography of those famous, celeb-studded Fyre Festival ads to introduce its particular brand of horror.
The trailer for The I-Land opens with shots of a gorgeous beach, and gorgeous people on said beach. However, the voiceover suggests something far more cryptic over the thumping electronic beat.
"The big question here, for all of us, is nature vs. nurture," says the voice. "Can we change a person's circumstances and in doing so change a person?"
Soon, the music festival "commercial" turns horrific, with fires burning down the island, people wielding weapons, and one woman screaming over the loss of a few fingers on her hand. (Not for the faint of heart, my friends.)
Whether the Fyre Festival imagery actually has anything to do with the series — or if it's just a clever marketing strategy — is unclear. The seven-episode limited series stars Natalie Martinez, Kate Bosworth, and Alex Pettyfer, and is about what happens after a group of 10 people wake up on a mysterious island with no clue as to who they are, what they're doing there, or how to get home.
Though we don't know exactly why these people were chosen to head to this island, the I-Land is hardly what it appears to be: In the final moments of the trailer, it's revealed that the group is being watched in a control room by mysterious people.
As one Youtube commenter described, The I-Land is like "when Fyre Festival meets The Hunger Games," though depending on who is in the control room and why, it could also be a blend of The Truman Show. Maybe the whole world is watching these people duke it out, just as we collectively viewed social media posts to see the trash fire that was Fyre Festival unfurl.
Who will live, who will die, and who will find a safe hut to wait out all the drama, is to be determined.
Check out the trailer for The I-Land below:

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