You Have 10 More New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here's What's Worth Watching

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The month of Netpocalypse continues. For the third week in a row, Netflix is debuting a massive flood of content on Friday, May 17. And the streaming giant also dropped a few treats earlier in the week.
That's why you're going into the weekend with a brand new batch of Nailed It! episodes along with six bingeable installments of Danish teen thrill ride The Rain. Then you have Good Sam, a sorta-rom-com built for Twitter infamy, and See You Yesterday, a brand-new Spike Lee-produced film (think of it as an appetizer for next week's She's Gotta Have It season 2 premiere). And, as usual, Netflix is also offering a ton of foreign-langue films.
Where's a busy streaming subscriber to start?
These are all the new Netflix offerings broken down by plot, genre, and whether you should watch something immediately or skip for now. Keep reading for the lowdown on all of these Netflix treats, complete with trailers.

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