Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced A New Album Is Coming After Cryptic Instagram Posts

Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images.
Taylor Swift has spent the past year finishing up her Reputation tour, attending award shows, and filming Cats β€” but did she also manage to squeeze in time to record a new album? Fans think it's possible. For the past couple of days, Swift has been posting regularly on Instagram, and many think she's hiding clues in her photos that give details about an upcoming seventh album.
Swift has slowly returned to using Instagram more regularly after going off the grid prior to Reputation. For instance, we saw snaps of her New Year's Eve party as well as a selfie taken with Selena Gomez and Cazzie David. However, her three most recent photos have a very particular dreamy aesthetic to them β€” pretty much the opposite of Reputation's vibe β€” and, if fans are correct, contain some very sneaky clues.
The first photo that raised alarm bells was a simple one of a California forest skyline, complete with a starry filter. The caption was just some palm trees. Well, actually, seven palm trees.
Seven, as in the number that would be Swift's next album. However, this isn't the only clue.
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In this photo, Swift is spotted sitting seven steps from the stop. She's also six steps from the bottom.
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And in her most recent photo, her face is peering through one of five openings. Seven, six, five...is this a countdown?
Whether or not you're on board with this theory, Swift's sudden rush of Instagram activity in the past 48 hours is definitely out of character, so it's not a reach to think she's prepping us for something. Personally, I'm most intrigued by what appears to almost be a return to the Taylor Swift aesthetic of yore, with retro filters and bright, magical themes. Or, maybe, she's just happy β€” that's a good reason, too.

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