Spotify Just Changed The Way You Listen To Music… Thanks To Adele

Photographed by Simon Emmett
Adele's new album 30 is finally here. It's not just giving us all something to ugly-cry over, but also prompting important conversations about getting divorced at a relatively young age. The singer has said its songs were written in the wake of her break-up from ex-husband Simon Konecki, with whom she shares a son, nine-year-old Angelo.
As with every Adele album, 30 is definitely a journey that's intended to be listened to in full. Its penultimate track, the epic ballad "To Be Loved", feels very much like the emotional crescendo. Which is why, it seems, the singer has encouraged Spotify to make a change to the way we listen to music on the platform. From this weekend, the app has removed the shuffle button as the default option when playing albums.
Adele acknowledged the change in a rare tweet, writing: "This was the only request I had in our ever changing industry! We don't create albums with so much care and thought into our track listing for no reason. Our art tells a story and our stories should be listened to as we intended. Thank you Spotify for listening."
She signed off with a red wine emoji and a heart emoji – the former presumably a reference to "I Drink Wine", another of the album's standout tracks.
The streaming service replied "anything for you", continuing its friendly relationship with Adele. As the BBC reports, Spotify hasn't removed the shuffle function entirely. It still appears on individual album tracks, which means you can opt to start listening on shuffle at any point.
Shuffle also remains the default optioning when listening to a playlist. Still, thanks to Adele, when you listen to an album on Spotify, the app will presume you want to listen to its tracks in their intended order unless you choose otherwise. That's quite a flex.

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