The BEST Boxing Day Deals In Canada

Boxing Day used to marked the unofficial kick-off date for big end-of-season sales for many Canadian retailers — now the markdown schedule been shifting slightly earlier in recent years — and many promotions will continue into January as stores make room for pre-spring merchandise. And while it’s not as big of an event as it used to be even a decade ago, one in three Canadians are still planning to take advantage of post-Christmas sales this year.
The simple trick to scoring great deals on Boxing Day? Doing your online shopping right at midnight, and heading to the malls early in the morning, before the crowds descend and long lineups form in front of popular stores. You’ll benefit from a wider merchandise selection — this time of year, many covetable products will have limited colours and sizes left — and avoid the stress of messy, chaotic shop floors (trust me, I worked in fashion retail for years as an undergraduate).
If Black Friday shopping is all about crossing loved ones off your holiday list and enjoying mid-season markdowns on fall and winter merchandise, then Boxing Day is a well-timed opportunity to use some of those gift cards you were given by well-meaning relatives, and pick up the items that you were secretly hoping to receive as presents but didn’t. This year, here are the Boxing Day deals you won’t want to miss.

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