Hershey Is Introducing A New "Thinner" Reese's Cup & The Internet Is Mad

When it comes to candy, bigger is almost always better. That's why it's odd that in an attempt to "boost sales", Hershey is going smaller. According to Business Insider, the candy company announced plans for "Reese's Thins" last week.
The new take on one of Hershey's most beloved offerings will be 40% thinner than the classic peanut butter cup. You may be wondering how Hershey's will achieve this thinner form — peanut butter lovers are likely hoping it will lose some chocolate, while chocolate fans are crossing their fingers that the peanut butter will be the one to be shed. Sadly, for everyone, Reese's Thins will have half the chocolate and half the peanut butter of a classic Reese's cup, Business Insider Reports. Basically, it's a lose-lose for anyone with a sweet tooth.
So why would Hershey introduce a product that so many candy fans would turn their nose up to? According to Business Insider, Michele Buck, president of Hershey North America explained during the announcement of Reese's Thins that the treat would appeal to "those consumers who want something sweet with more permissibility."
We actually weren't altogether turned off by the idea of Reese's Thins upon initially learning about them. Many companies have come out with "thin" versions of their products with the sole purpose of offering a crispier, crunchier snacking experience. Pretzel Thins and Oreo Thins are two beloved example that are more about texture and less about dieting. Unfortunately, though, Hershey characterizing Reese's Thins as a snack that is slightly more guilt-free only makes them less appealing to us, and we're not the only ones.
In the days since Reese's announced that Reese's Thins were coming to the market in March 2019, fans of the classic candy have taken to Twitter to express indignation.
We reached out to Hershey to see if the reactions to Reese's Thins have the company rethinking the candy's forthcoming launch and will update this story if we hear back. In the meantime, take this Halloween as an opportunity to really appreciate those unbeatable full-bodied Reese's.

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