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Stuck In A Takeaway Rut? Try These 4 Cuisines The Next Time You Order In

Ever since the latest lockdown ended, I’ve found myself becoming more adventurous. A friend suggested a walking trip to the Daintree next year and – for a non-athletic person – I actually felt excited about the idea. Another friend recommended a camping expedition down the coast and I immediately said yes without even assessing my annual leave. 
With most of our adventurous sides having been quelled by the pandemic, it makes sense that we want to venture out and experience the world again. When you’ve only seen the same four walls for 18 months, the temptation to experience new sights, sounds and tastes is to be expected. 
As international borders cautiously open, we still have to be mindful that we can’t travel as freely as our pre-pandemic selves. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a new experience from your own country, town, or couch. 
Food delivery services like DoorDash are making it easier to expand our tastebud horizons. While it may take some time before we pack our bags and jet off, we can ease back into travel (and life) with some of our favourite, adventurous dishes.
As Australia is a multicultural country, these dishes won't necessarily be "adventurous" for everyone. But considering that DoorDash's most popular choices are chicken, burgers and pizza – which happen to make up the small handful of cuisines that were available for delivery before the gig economy – these restaurants may be a welcome change from your regular Friday night takeaway.

South African

Due to its complex history, South Africa's cuisine is influenced by a whole host of countries and cultures. There are a bunch of delicious dishes for you to tuck into whether you're a meat-eater or vegan. These include biltong, a popular dried and cured spiced meat, or adalu, a delicious vegetarian option made of blackeyed beans and corn. If you're in Melbourne, you can order in from Tribal Taste Foods for a little taste of multicultural South Africa.


Different regions in Malaysia are known for their unique or signature dishes. Some of these include beef rendang, laksa, nasi lemak, and tapai. Influenced by the food heritage of neighbouring countries, Malaysia is known for combining Chinese and Indian specialties into its delicious cuisine. Other popular dishes include mee goreng mamak (not the one that you lived on in your uni days), the eye-catching Kelatanese dish nasi kerabu (a dish made with blue-coloured rice and fish or chicken), and for dessert, the sweet treat of pancake-style apam balik is a hit. Looking to try some Malaysian? PappaRich is available to order across the country.


Incorporating elements from India, Iran and Afghanistan, Pakistani food has a bold mix of flavours and spices. Popular dishes include slow-cooked curries and stews that stay on the stove for up to eight hours, usually served with fluffy naan or rice. The meat of choice is lamb, and ghee and yoghurt are used in dishes throughout. According to DoorDash, Australia's favourite Pakistani restaurant is Student Biryani, which is also halal. If you're in Sydney, try out their famous biryani (a rice dish that's richly layered with meat and spices) as well as fusion plates via the DoorDash app.


While Australians have co-opted chicken schnitzels as a part of our culture, there are plenty of other German favourites out there to expand your culinary horizons. From deep-fried pickles to Leberkäse (that's meatloaf topped with a fried egg and cabbage slaw), there is a whole world of different German dishes just waiting for you to try them, at a considerably lower cost than a flight to Berlin.
Our favourite eatery? Herman the German in Prahran, Melbourne — partially because the Nürnberger sausage is an elevated Bunnings sausage sizzle.
These cuisines are just a handful that are available from the comfort of your couch, so maybe, as we wait for the world to feel a bit more steady, it can't hurt to try out a dish you haven't before and experience something new once again.

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