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Period-Proof Tights Could Be Your Workout’s New MVP

Exercising while on your period can be a mixed experience. Anxiety around leakage, general discomfort and the extra added stress of changing a pad or tampon can really hinder a workout. 
On the flip side, there are so many benefits to working out while menstruating. It’s been found that forms of exercise can help ease some PMS symptoms and potentially ease feelings of sadness, irritability or anger that can arise around a period (we love an endorphin rush). Exercise has also been found to help with the fatigue caused by hormonal changes during menstruation, which is another huge plus. 
While we’re all for skipping a workout when our bodies and minds are signalling rest (listening to your body is so important), no one should miss out on the gym, team sport or a yoga class because of period anxiety. It’s 2021, and all people who menstruate should be supported throughout their cycles with info and products to ease the journey and amplify whatever self-care they require. (In saying this, it is important to acknowledge that we are in a position of privilege to have access to products that can make the experience of having a period more comfortable.) 
Period tights are now an option for menstruating people as an extra layer of support while exercising. Sportswear faves Adidas have catered to this with the launch of a new range of Techfit Period Proof tights designed to provide extra support while exercising on your period. The tights aren’t made to replace wearing a pad, tampon or cup altogether, however, they’re layered with a highly absorbent pad to help ease any fears of leakage while exercising. They’ve also developed a new Flow Shield Technology —  a set of extra absorbent layers with an additional leakproof membrane for further protection. 
When your mind’s not preoccupied with period-related worries, it’s easier to focus on your workout and put 100% into whatever movement you’re participating in. Not to mention, the look and feel of the tights will match your existing activewear rotation, too. 
I personally love how products like this are supporting us in our ongoing battle to break down the stigma surrounding periods. Whether it’s the use of period undies or moon cups becoming part of mainstream conversation, it helps normalise the experience further (after all, it is a normal body function, so to think it isn’t normalised anyway is so baffling to begin with). 
Periods can conjure up a range of stress. Anxiety, mood swings, cramps and insomnia are all part of the experience, so levelling up our comfort in any way during that time of the month always gets a tick of approval from me. 
Innovations like this ensure people who menstruate can continue to live their lives — and exercise — in full view of others, while on their period. What could be more powerful than that? 
Images by: Zara Mutti

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