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8 People Share Their Go-To Tips For Looking After Themselves On Their Period

Between tampon commercials that represent period blood as blue dye and pop-culture tropes of a moody woman who's unable to function during ‘that time of the month’, outdated representations of the menstrual experience have existed for way too long.
It's important to acknowledge the fact that not all people who menstruate are women — and not all women menstruate. From transgender men, to women with endometriosis, the physical and emotional experience of having a period varies.
For those who do, the experience can be intense — our bodies are literally discarding old tissue, often triggering fatigue, mood swings and a host of other curveballs you wouldn't invite to a party. Just as people experience menstruation differently, so too do the tips and tricks they employ to make working, exercising, socialising, dating (the list is endless) more comfortable during that time of the month.
We asked eight people to share what they know about managing their period.

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