Venus In Taurus Is Here — It’s Time To Get Decadent

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Venus is about to enter Taurus, one of its favourite signs, on April 29 at 10:31 p.m AEDT. This transit will awaken our sensuality, creativity, confidence, and a yearning to commit to others. Also, it will heighten the need to indulge in decadence, since Venus in Taurus is all about joie de vivre and the beautiful life. There will be a slow start, due to Venus and Taurus’ tendency to take their time, but we will gain clarity in our decision making and make commitments that align with our desires.
Venus, the planet of love, romance, beauty, money, and pleasure, helps us identify what brings us joy and happiness while also reflecting societal norms. When Venus is in Taurus it creates a unique connection, as both embody the physical and earthy manifestations of Venusian sentiments. This connection allows us to indulge in physical gratification, such as fine food and cocktails, luxurious items like perfume, makeup, and clothing, while pampering ourselves with our riches.
The alignment of Venus in Taurus serves as a reminder that life is not a competition but rather a journey to be appreciated. It is crucial to appreciate the auspicious moments and bask in the good vibes as they arise. Instead of engaging in arguments and confrontations, it is important to relish the company of our loved ones and enjoy their presence. Let us focus on expressing romantic sentiments and refrain from dwelling on negativity as we strive to spread love and positivity.
With Venus in an earthy position, our touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste can be heightened. We can engage in activities that allow us to fully experience life through these senses. So, why not stop to smell the roses and savour the flavours? Doing so will allow us to connect with our body, mind, and spirit in its purest form. We will feel as though we are one with the universe, and our emotions are grounded and simplified.
Venus in Taurus likes to keep the peace at all costs. This gives us a chance to embrace stability and to find security within ourselves and others. However, Venus in Taurus can be stubborn because they know what they want and won’t settle for anything less, so compromise can be challenging. Still, as long as we give others the space to understand situations, they might be able to find a middle ground or understand where we are coming from.
Venus in Taurus has a luxurious way of seducing partners. They tend to do it by giving gifts, treating them to sumptuous meals, and always staying close to them. Physical touch is their way of expressing love, and they are rational in communicating their feelings. Despite being open to romance and wearing their hearts on their sleeves, they prefer to take things slow and get to know their partners well before committing. Once they do, they are fiercely loyal and dedicated.
During the Venus in Taurus transit, individuals tend to be cautious with their money and often save it for future investments. They prefer to keep their money in the bank and let it grow over time, rather than spending it on themselves. It is important to have a nest egg saved up for unforeseen circumstances. It is recommended to do thorough research and analyse all information before investing in the stock market during this time.
The month of May is full of astrological events that can have an impact on our relationships. On May 1, Venus will square Pluto, which could trigger feelings of jealousy towards others. However, this can also be an opportunity to deepen our relationships with friends, family, and partners if we decide to change the dynamics. Venus will harmonise with Saturn on May 13, allowing us to make commitments to those we care about and projects that matter to us. On May 18, Venus will unite with Uranus, which may create a desire for us to evolve our relationships. This could be a time where we want to make breakthroughs, end relationships, or transform them in some way. On May 23, Venus and Jupiter will connect, making it an ideal day for romance and partnerships. Additionally, it’s a great time to invest in the stock market. Later in the same day, Venus will also harmonise with Neptune, adding a touch of sensuality, fantasy, and romance to the mix.
All in all, Venus’ transit through the sign of Taurus in the spring of 2024 will be magical and glorious. Although Venus in Taurus doesn’t like to make any sudden changes, we’ll learn that it’s okay to do so at our own pace. We can move in any direction and augment our situations whenever we are ready to. Then, we can charge forward.
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