Venus In Taurus Will Bring An Extra Special Time

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March 16 brings one of the most sensual astrological transits our way. From this date to April 11 — and for the first time since 2022 — Venus will be wandering through the zodiac sign Taurus. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus — all the more reason why this is an extra special time. Venus, who represents our needs and desires in relationships, is going to be more indulgent and decadent than ever — which means we should plan on implementing self-care, taking on a creative new project, treating ourselves and loved ones to a special gift, and committing to partnerships that make us happy.
Venus in Taurus loves to be the belle of the ball. Any activity involving pleasure and fun is essential for the earth sign; Venus in Taurus runs away from dramatic situations and arguments because they don’t like to get their fingers dirty and be messy. Being kind, sweet and sincere overcomes any other negative sentiment. Loyalty goes far now, making relationships feel and seem stronger. Although Taurus can bring on stubborn beliefs, it’s mostly around their values when in Venus, meaning they won’t flip their ideology to adhere to what others think. Their heart is unwavering. Positive vibes for an optimistic life surrounded by loyal friends, great music and world-class food make Venus in Taurus’s heart soar. 
Self-care is an essential task to take on now. Try to find a few minutes in the day in which you can focus on yourself. Whether it's taking a relaxing bath, meditation, buying yourself flowers or taking a hike in nature, the more TLC you give yourself, the more love you can give to others. As long as your cup is full, you can always help others out and give them some of your time when they’re in dire need. If not, you could experience burnout easily during this transit, since Venus in Taurus likes to pamper themselves first, then others. 
For the next several weeks, we’ll be leaning into this rich energy. Therefore, we have to fully embrace the celestial vibes that are headed our way. During Venus’s reign in Taurus, there are transits that will change our lives forever.
On March 17, Venus in Taurus dances with Saturn in Pisces. This planetary connection urges us to DTR and decide if we want to take the situationship further or to the next level. Keep an open mind at this time and don’t let fears hold back our ability to love. 
Venus conjuncts the North Node of Destiny in Taurus on March 20, making it an important date for partnerships. This is a pivotal time in which fate steps in and pushes us to define and express what’s in our hearts. It’s a make-or-break moment for all relationships.
Venus and Uranus align in Taurus on March 30, creating excitement in relationships. Love will feel like a roller coaster on the 30th so prepare for the ups and downs, twists and turns that are coming. On the flip side, two people can truly see each other for who they are and fall deeper in love. Communication is key and essential to deepen the understanding and foundation between both parties. 
Venus and Neptune share a beautiful connection on April 7. It’s the perfect time to plan a date, celebrate love and dream about the future. The stars are aligned to make this a moment in which one can have a fresh start when it comes to relationships — but only if they’re ready.
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