Taurus Season Is Here —Exciting Changes Are On The Horizon

Photographed by Megan Madden.
The sun will be in the earth sign of Taurus from April 19 to May 20. This marks the middle of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a time when we put our creativity to the test and feel an increase in joie de vivre. It’s also a moment to pause and reflect; we will all, slowly, smell the roses.
Venus, the Planet of Love, money, and confidence, rules over Taurus. And this month, our focus is on romance, pleasure, and luxury. We want to engage with the world through our senses and awaken our gentle emotions. However, due to Taurus’ stubborn nature, we may encounter some tense moments when changing our perspectives and beliefs, despite the cosmic push to do so in the upcoming weeks.
The Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus, happening on April 20, will push us out of our comfort zones. Change can be difficult during Taurus Season as we love comfort and predictability. The Jupiter-Uranus alliance will cause us to make significant changes, ones that could enhance our lives permanently. Jupiter is the Planet of Expansion, and Uranus is the Planet of Revolution, which means there will be exciting and surprising results, particularly when it comes to love and money. But this event will also have a global effect, and we can expect shifts in political power.
A few days after the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, the pink full moon in Scorpio rises on April 23. The Scorpio moon is a lunar placement that makes us go deep within ourselves. Since it opposes the sun in Taurus, we are struggling with the need to simplify matters rather than to intensify them. We are going to feel a tug of war within our hearts — do we want to chase our passions or do we want to play it safe. With the full moon squaring Pluto in Aquarius, we will be drawn to, once again, embracing change and augmenting our dreams to attain a tangible version of our desires.
Mercury’s retrograde journey from the beginning of the month is ending on the 25th, which is good news for all of us — this period made us reflect on and contemplate the issues that came up during this time. It’s worth noting that Mercury will remain in its post-retrograde zone, known as retroshade, until May 13. Therefore, we may see a resurgence of the situations and drama we faced during the eclipse season and the retrograde. However, we must continue to strive for the best until we find a way to overcome them.
With the commencement of Venus entering Taurus on April 29 and Mars moving into Aries on April 30, we are going to witness several changes. This is because both Venus and Mars will be in their dignified positions, thereby gaining immense strength. This could result in significant declarations of love and financial disagreements. It is crucial to find a common ground to resolve these issues. However, Taurus is known for its charm and charisma, which can help in temporarily resolving problems.
From May 2 to October 11, Pluto will be retrograde, beginning in Aquarius and dipping back into Capricorn. During this period, we’ll have the opportunity to reflect on our personal growth and relationships and avoid repeating past mistakes. We’ll be able to revisit unresolved issues from the past year and work towards healing and resolution.
The upcoming new moon in Taurus on May 7 is an excellent opportunity to turn our dreams into reality. With the grounding energy of Taurus, we can channel our efforts into manifesting our deepest desires. By nurturing our creative and innovative ideas, we can bring our visions to life. Remember to be patient and persistent, as the process may take some time, but the result will be well worth the effort.
Mercury's movement into Taurus on May 15 will make us more stubborn than ever. There will be no flexibility and flux in our mindset, making us stick to the plans instead of understanding that things can change and happen along the way that can temporarily detour us from our path. Reach out for help, let your feelings be known, and take everything carefully. Also, feel free to alter your perspective or stance without hesitation.
Let’s take small steps towards growth and be open to new opportunities. Though it may be challenging to break away from our old ways during Taurus Season, exciting changes are on the horizon that will bring amazing experiences.
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