What It’s Like To Live With Every Sign Of The Zodiac

Sharing a home with someone other than your partner or best friend can feel like walking on a tightrope (okay, that can be true in the aforementioned scenarios, too). But, if you've just moved to a new place or you're desperate to split your rent, living with someone is just a fact of life. And, for every person who claims that they can live with anyone, there are a dozen others who know their limits and strengths as a roommate — these are the people who have probably read up on their sign.
In the same way that someone's sign can clue us into their dating life or communication style, so, too, can it reveal how they'll behave when you live under the same roof. Of course, you won't be able to tell if someone's going to skip out on the rent based on their sign, but you might get a better idea of how they handle conflict and what kind of boundaries they might set.
So, astrology might not help you select the perfect roomie. It could, however, reflect the kind of relationship you'll have with them. Will you two end up being the next Joey and Chandler? It just might be written in the stars. Read on to learn more about what it's like to live with each Zodiac sign.

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