Will TikTok’s Viral Whisper Method Help You Woo Your Crush?

Photographed by Ryan Williams.
Pining over a crush can be painful business. Whether the object of your romantic feelings is one you found on holidays, in the workplace or one that's just convenient, crushes can be soul-sucking and all-consuming.
You're not alone if you act different when you have a crush — but what if we told you there was a way to woo your love interest from afar?
TikTok has unearthed many manifestation techniques to help you in this field, one of which is the whisper method. For those who haven't dabbled in manifestation, this method could well be a stepping stone into the spirituality zone.
"Manifesting does work. If you keep your intention, or your goal, in mind, you’ll find that you’re able to envision what you truly want to call in," astrologer Lisa Stardust previously told Refinery29. "This will enable you to bring your dreams into reality."
Gather your love decks and love spells; let's make some love happen!

What is TikTok's whisper method?

TikTok user @valeriafune says that the whisper method has worked for her multiple times with different people, sharing that the results manifested within a week or even minutes.
"You're going to do this before bed, you're going to be laying in bed [and] you're going to close your eyes," she says. "You're gonna take some deep breaths until you feel really relaxed to the point that you feel like you're about to pass out, then you're gonna imagine [your crush]."
"Use this at your own risk because it does really work," warns TikTok user @auravibin, who says that the method is for "shy bitches". With over 870,000 likes, her video explains how to use the whisper technique to enter someone's dream world in hopes of sending them a message.
"First step, you want to picture the person sleeping... If you know what their room looks like, even better, it'll help with the visualisation. You want to imagine yourself in the room with them, walk up to their bed slowly, go up to one side of their body, whisper in their ear what you want to tell them, so it could be something like text," she says.
"Go to the other side of their head and whisper it in the other ear. Finally, you want to kiss them on the forehead near their third eye and send them really good vibes. Then walk out of the room and close the door."
There are a growing number of successful whisperers on TikTok. And while getting your crush to text you or call you is harmless business, the whisper method can technically be used to encourage your person of interest to do, well, anything. We say, as long as you understand boundaries and consent (and aren't trying to coerce anyone!), the practice might just help you get a little closer to the person you're lusting after.
"Make sure... you set the intention that you're coming from the highest vibration and a space of love for everyone involved," @auravibin says.
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