5 Little Things That’ll Give Your Day More Peace

Maybe it’s too much time spent frantically bingeing Succession, or maybe it's the constant scrolling, but it’s safe to say we’re all pretty wired these days – and chilling can often be easier said than done.
Part of the problem lies in us viewing winding down as a chore. And it's no wonder; being told "Don’t worry!" over and over again kind of makes it seem like an instruction. But you can’t expect peaceful thoughts to arrive on cue – you have to cultivate them yourself.
In order to do this, you need to care for both your body and your mind, so we’ve rounded up seven things to try to help you find some balance. So, here’s a few very simple ways to find some calm in your life…

Sip to unwind

We're firm believers in the idea that buying a fun little beverage is an essential element of little treat culture. Why not try one containing ingredients like lemon balm, chamomile and ginseng for a moment of peace?
Combine a Ryde 'Relax' wellbeing shot with a quick walk around the block, and you'll be sure to face the rest of the day with a more peaceful mind.

 Available in Sydney in 7-Eleven and selected IGAs.

Set the mood

Of course, being able to transport yourself to a Balinese spa for a full-body massage would be ideal, but in the meantime, lighting a few candles isn't going to hurt. Did you know the Danish burn more candles per head than any other European country, and they're consistently ranked among the happiest in the world?
The combination of lowering the lights, the uplifting and relaxing scent of your chosen candle and the flames themselves flickering can help induce a calmer mindset and give your brain a cue to power down. Try this candle and be enveloped in the soothing scents of strawberries and whipped meringue — you'll be floating in a dessert-scented sanctuary in no time.
Strawberries and Whipped Meringue Soy Scented Candle, $34.99, available at Dusk

There’s an app for that

While our brains might think they're relaxing during an hour-long TikTok scroll, there are plenty of free or super cheap apps available that'll help you practice mindfulness and meditation.
The aptly named Calm app is a firm favourite in the Refinery29 squad – it gives you guided meditations, calming music and gentle stretching exercises to help you centre yourself and stop your brain whirring so much.
Calm App, free on iOS and Android, available at Calm

Cosy up

You’ve no doubt heard the advice that if you want to get motivated in the gym, you should snap up some new kit. Why shouldn’t the same logic apply to relaxing? No one ever had a good time sitting around in jeans, so invest in some beautiful snug loungewear to help you snap out of the day’s woes.
Atmos&Here Plisse Set, $49.99, available at The Iconic

Make a note

If you find that as soon as you settle in on the couch after work, thoughts of to-do lists and life goals and past conversations start taking up the brain space you should be using to focus on Netflix, don’t fight it altogether. Instead of dwelling or trying to ignore them, jot them down in a notebook. The act of writing them down will help to distil your thoughts, making them feel clearer and more manageable rather than a jumble of words.
Everyday notebook, $9.99, available at Typo
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