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5 Creatives On The Best Style Advice They’ve Ever Received

AJ Clementine wears a thrifted dress and the Puma Cali Dream.
We've all had at least one piece of style advice that was drilled into us. Don’t wear clashing patterns. Avoid double denim. Sneakers are only meant to be worn when working out. 
But as the Internet has given us a window into other people’s wardrobes, it feels like the style advice of yesteryear is heading straight to the bargain bin. We pair sneakers with dresses, double denim is chic, and clashing patterns is simply called maximalism. 
As we see the back of ‘Hot or Not’ lists and embrace people’s style through platforms like TikTok, Refinery29 Australia asked five powerhouse creatives about the best style advice they've ever received, and what's on their fashion wishlists for summer.

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