10 Skin Positivity Influencers Redefining Beauty

As we’re well aware at this point, social media isn’t always conducive to healthy self-esteem. Of course, the self-love movement has come a long way, but the trap of comparison culture is only further fuelled by the commonality of filters, problematic marketing and a general lack of diverse representation. 
One area that this rings particularly true to is skin. 
Social media may be a wonderland of makeup inspiration, tips & tricks, and beauty advice from places we may not have stumbled upon otherwise (hello to this cucumber skin hack), but when it comes to representation, we see the majority of people boasting ‘glass’ skin, poreless complexions, and ne'er a spot in sight. 
And with skin being a point of insecurity for many of us, it's hard to shrug off the constant pressure to perfecting our base. But your skin is a complex, hard-working organ. It’s going to go through changes, and breakouts, rosacea and sensitivities are all part and parcel of life. And it’s important to ensure that we’re actively surrounding ourselves with those who embrace this sentiment. 
Luckily, skin positivity has gain momentum, and there are a host of beauty bloggers getting real about skin — in all its forms. From those pioneering the #Freethepimple movement to the ones proving makeup and beauty aren’t just for the acne-free, these are 10 skin positive influencers set to brighten up your social feeds.

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