Songs That Will Instantly Make You Cry

A truth: There is a song for every single specific mood you could ever have. There’s an Adele song for the “I should know better than to love you” mood. And an Elliot Smith one for the “Thanks for the invitation, but I’m done socialising for the next year” mood. And there are just about a million songs for the mood that descends after you see an old photo of you and your ex.
The art of mastering Spotify, then, is a matter of navigating to the perfect song as quickly as possible. After all, there is a pot for every emotional cover. In this list, we’ve compiled sad songs that stem from a whole variety of ills: Heartsickness, grief, anger, resentment, regret, and nostalgia. A playlist of sadness in every shade.
So tune in and get ready to feel all those feels. Many cathartic cries await.

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