R29 Editor Picks: 12 Beauty Products Worth Buying In November

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The start of November means that summer is firmly on the horizon. Steamy hot temperatures, sun-drenched evenings, and more hours spent outside require a reset when it comes to our wardrobes and homes, but especially our beauty routines
Heat, UV rays, air conditioning and saltwater call for skincare products that are lightweight and protective, and as for makeup… now's the time to swap your heavy, full-coverage foundation for lighter formulas, and embrace colour. Think sunset-hued tints, bright shadows and playful nail lacquer. And for hair, investing in quality creams and serums is now a high priority as we look to protect our strands from the harsh elements that come with the Australian summer.
If you’re not sure of where to start with your own warm-weather beauty prep, fear not! The Refinery29 Australia team is here to share our must-buy products for the month of November. Happy shopping! 
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