9 Must-Listen Podcasts Hosted By Australian Women Of Colour

From true crime to running and even those that will help you fall asleep, podcasts have gained immense popularity over the past couple of years. What's more, creating a podcast has become almost as easy as listening to one nowadays, so how do you put your finger on the programs worth adding to your playlist?
As a woman of colour (WOC) in Australia, I've always yearned for more cultural representation in the media, and the rise in more podcasts hosted by WOC has been refreshing, heartwarming and the answer to my younger self's prayers.
Here's a roundup of some of the best podcasts hosted by Aussie WOC that explore entertainment, relationships, sexuality, current affairs and more in an authentic way (no tokenism) that not only make diverse communities feel heard, but also help to educate the masses.
Having debuted in 2021, Brooke Boney and Linda Marigliano's podcast features authentic conversations between the pair of entertainment enthusiasts and real-life friends. Boney, who's the entertainment reporter on The Today Show and Marigliano, a musician and radio announcer, share their own takes on trending moments in pop culture, along with fashion, relationships mental health and politics.
When it comes to showbiz commentary in Australia, it's often lacking in terms of cultural diversity and The Dream Club strives to fill that gap. One of my favourite episodes features Gamilaroi woman Boney reflecting on what it felt like to see the Aboriginal flag shown on RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under.
Periods and sex may typically be taboo topics in South Asian culture, but that's exactly why Kripa Krithivasan doesn't want to shy away from speaking about them on Uncultured The Podcast. Through interviews and feminist analysis of pop culture moments, this podcast has quickly gathered a loyal following and shows no signs of slowing down.
Highlights in the first season include an interview with anti-domestic violence campaigner Tarang Chawla, discussion of whitewashed beauty standards with Maria Thattil and Rowi Singh, foodie chat with MasterChef Australia's Depinder Chhibber and an in-depth chat with a woman who fell pregnant at 19 and had to face a barrage of stigmas and criticism from the South Asian community. I've personally loved Krithivasan's analysis of The Bachelorette and diversity in reality TV.
Lillian Ahenkan aka Flex Mami and Bobo Matjila take the reigns in this cross-continental sex and lifestyle podcast. Not only do they strive to "decolonise our minds", but they share advice and tools to better navigate friendships, romance, sex, mental health issues and other curly scenarios else life seems to throw our way.
After having struggled to see authentic, relatable Asian representation in Australian media while growing up, Louise Cheer and Jessica Yun launched Sweet and Sour with Jess & Lou.
From interviews with Asian Australian change-makers to personal stories from the Sydney-based journalists Cheer and Yun themselves, this podcast delivers punchy, candid and sometimes emotional discussions you'll want to share with your friends later.
Butchulla and Gubbi Gubbi woman Courtney Hagen and Wiradjuri woman Matika Little have created a space to explore the lives of LGBTQIA+ First Nations peoples. From interviews with queer Indigenous artists and drag queens to fun discussions answering listeners' questions about sex, Coming Out Blak is informative, entertaining and easy to get addicted to. While there haven't been any new episodes over the past few months, it's well worth going back and listening to the eps already online.
Our very own Refinery29 Australia producer Maggie Zhou hosts her own podcast outside of work called Culture Club with friend and fellow writer, Jasmine Wallis. The two women in their twenties lead casual chats where you feel like you're part of a conversation with your friends, delving into pop culture, current affairs and the internet. If you're a fan of TikTok trends and sustainable fashion, this one will be right up your alley.
Sydney-based Romitha Seher takes the reins alongside good friend, Senthan Sanchayan in this podcast exploring what it's like to be a South Asian person in Australia, navigating ethnic roots and being caught between two cultural identities.
Journalist Soaliha Iqbal strives to decolonise listeners' minds as dishes up her thoughts on everything from politics to pop culture, going beyond the headlines with her intersectional analysis. Expect thought-provoking conversations around white feminism, tokenism and interracial dating.
Varsha Yajman is well-known for her climate activism, but she and co-host Tiara De Silva talk assure no topic is off limits in their entertaining podcast. Honing in on topics that may sometimes seem taboo, expect fresh takes on activism, comparison envy, religion and more.
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