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6 Things To Watch And Listen To Understand Australia’s Troubling Treatment Of Women

Image: Strong Female Lead
At least half of all women in Australia have experienced sexual harassment, abuse or violence. That’s 1 in 2 that has been sexually harassed, 1 in 3 that has been physically abused and 1 in 5 that has been sexually abused. Let that sink in. With #FiredUp, Refinery29 Australia makes an ongoing commitment to spotlighting this serious and pervasive issue with the goal of dismantling gendered violence in Australia. 
You don’t need to tell us twice that Australia’s treatment of women still leaves much to be desired. From the sexual assault culture in our music industry to Parliament House, and in our high schools, these often-skirted gendered issues are bubbling to the surface, and rightfully taking up space in the news and in our conversations. 

If you're feeling Fired Up and eager to become further informed, there are plenty of podcasts, shows, and documentaries available that are grappling with these systemic problems. Tap through and save these titles for your next educational lesson.

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