You Can Now Watch Sweet Digs On TV — Here’s How

Last year, Refinery29's beloved home tour series Sweet Digs officially made its way Down Under, giving us an up close and personal look into where Aussies eat, sleep, work and binge-watch TV.
The series started with a tour of Hatrik House director Sophia Athas' stunning 1960s apartment in the heart of one of Sydney's most sought-after suburbs: Mosman. Tucked away amongst towering gumtrees with panoramic views of Balmoral Beach, the one-bedroom apartment is decked out with warm colours, bold prints and personal keepsakes.
Since then, we've explored pastel wonderlands in sleepy Hobart, vintage decor-filled inner-city hubs, and Sydney apartments that act as a love letter to food and friends.
Now, the series is available to watch on the newly launched PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION channel on 9Now — which means you'll be able to finally appreciate all the little details of these gorgeous homes on the big screen.
The channel is a hub for music, lifestyle, comedy, news and so much more, and aims to end decision paralysis (aka the endless scroll) when it comes to picking something to watch.
To access Sweet Digs on the channel, download the 9Now app and create an account. It's completely free to access and streaming 24/7. From there, you'll be able to stream Sweet Digs on demand, as well as other highly bingeable content from across the globe.
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