The 10 Best Niche Perfumes To Discover Before Anyone Else

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I've never had a signature scent. Much like picking a playlist to match my mood, discovering new fragrances and rotating them based on what I'm feeling or want to channel is half the fun. And no shade to people that love ubiquitous "It" fragrances (think Baccarat Rouge 540, Le Labo's Santal 33), but I really don't want to smell like everyone else, so I've always been drawn to more niche scents.
Niche fragrances just hit different. They tend to be more complex, creative, tell a story and are, most importantly, unique — so it's not something that you'll run into on the street.
Over the years, I've bought dozens of travel-sized perfumes, pestered countless shop assistants for samples, and amassed a sizeable collection of my own. Ahead, a roundup of my favourite niche fragrances that I keep going back to. Enjoy!

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