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A Week In Sydney CBD As A SaaS Marketing Exec On $77,000

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Today: a marketing executive in SaaS who makes $77,000 a year heads into Mecca for a Kosas foundation sample because she's eyeing it off (but can't commit just yet).
Occupation: Marketing Executive
Industry: SaaS
Age: 26
Location: Sydney CBD
Salary: $77,000
Net Worth: $179,871 ($43,687 in super, $116,863 in savings, and $19,322 in shares)
Debt: $0
Paycheque Amount (Monthly): $5,032
Pronouns: She/Her

Monthly Expenses

Rent: I live in a one-bedroom flat that my partner owns in Sydney CBD. I contribute to the strata fees and other expenses, which is $1,484 quarterly.
Loans: $0. I have no HECS debt and I always pay off my credit card balances in full before it’s due.
Super: My employer pays an additional 10.5% of super on top of my salary. So that’s $833.94 of monthly contributions.
TPD and Income Protection Insurance: $2,720.55
Health Insurance: $133 for comprehensive hospital and extras cover.
Gym Membership: $30 (discounted membership)
Cell Phone: I prepaid a yearly mobile plan for $99 last June which includes a total of 120 GB, some international calls, unlimited nationwide calls, and texts. So if we divide that by 12, it costs $8.25/month.
Netflix and Disney+: $0. I leech off my partner’s or family’s accounts.
iCloud Subscription Fee: $1.50
Salary Sacrifice: $2,291. I am aiming to eventually withdraw the maximum $50,000 for the First Home Super Saver Scheme when I finally buy my own home.

Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?

Fortunately, my parents are supportive and paid for my own university studies. I graduated with no debt, just a lot of gratitude.

Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances?

As immigrants, my parents were frugal and found smart ways to stretch their dollar, whether that was by limiting when we ate out, buying in bulk or sale items, or avoiding splurging on frivolous designer items. They often highlight that the best thing money can buy is travel because it’s also a way to learn about life and be more empathetic to other cultures. Seeing them build wealth through disciplined saving and hard work inspired me to work towards my own financial security.

What was your first job and why did you get it?

When I was 17, I had unpaid work experience in a financial services firm, which eventually turned into a casual paying job. This job helped me learn how to manage my time more as I was juggling full-time studies at uni at the same time. The extra money was great as it allowed me to save up for travel during my semester breaks.

Did you worry about money growing up?

No, I’m grateful I didn’t worry about money growing up because my parents always provided. They didn’t prioritise buying toys or designer clothes, but there would always be plenty of food on the table. They also valued my education so I never had to pay a cent for my degree or any lessons I wanted to take, even if that meant learning a different language overseas.

Do you worry about money now?

I worry about saving enough money so I can buy my own place before Sydney property prices or interest rates shoot up even more. I feel guilty about spending money when I could be saving more. At the same time, being in my twenties makes me feel FOMO that I should be travelling and enjoying life more. It’s a constant struggle to balance prioritising my financial security with living my best life now.

At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net?

I started becoming financially responsible when I started working at 17 but it wasn't till I was 23 that I felt more mindful of my spending. When I started living on my own, away from my parents, I struggled to budget and failed to automate my savings. I also had an Afterpay addiction until I read The Barefoot Investor, which motivated me to pay off all my debt and cancel my Afterpay account. Although I feel like a bird that has somehow successfully left the nest, it’s still a comforting thought to have my supportive parents as a financial safety net.  

Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? If yes, please explain.

My parents provided me with around $10,000 to help me move to Sydney and secure my own place when I started working full-time.

Day 1

9:30am — It’s a public holiday today! I feel refreshed, but my neck feels a bit sore. I must have slept on the wrong side. I cuddle with my boyfriend (let’s call him Gil) until he inconveniently reminds me that we have laundry to do! I give him my socks to put in the wash and he returns to continue our cuddle while we contemplate how to spend the day. It’s meant to be cloudy, so we opt to chill and see where the day takes us.
9:45am — I finally get up and decide to vacuum everywhere. Let me tell you about cordless vacuums and how LIFE-CHANGING they are! It’s so satisfying to see all the crumbs and hair get sucked in while I walk around the flat. It makes cleaning more enjoyable.
9:55am — I ask my boyfriend what he feels like eating for brunch. He’s not hungry yet, but I am. I rifle through my cookbooks and realised I forgot to buy dill so I can’t make the chickpea pancakes I’ve been meaning to try. I decide to make another recipe instead.
10:10am — I make an avo, kale, and pesto toastie from a vegan cookbook I borrowed from the library. I don’t have the kale the recipe requires, so I exchange it for baby spinach. God bless the people who thought of packaging washed baby spinach in a bag, because I love it. I add it to everything I cook. I assemble the sandwiches with mashed avo, bottled basil pesto, spinach, shredded mozzarella cheese, pepper and some onion flakes. As the butter bubbles, I add in the sandwiches and flatten them with a small pan. Who needs a sandwich press anyway? I also cook some baked beans in tomato sauce with baby spinach.
10:40am — Gil and I enjoy my take on a healthy-ish grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, except my version has more veggies and the soup also has beans. Okay, it’s completely different, but it works the same way the grilled cheese/tomato soup combo works. Gil thanks me for a yummy lunch and proceeds to clean up and do the dishes. I smile in thanks while I use our massager to help with my neck pain. I love how it’s truly a partnership in our household.
11am — Gil plays games while I sit beside him enjoying the massager. I daydream about owning a Leo Lin dress while I browse their website on my iPad. I cannot afford it but thanks to @taramilktea, now I want one! I save a red dress and a white dress as favourites, then proceed to read the news. While I read, I share my learnings with Gil about the state of the economy, why banking shares are down and what shares have been recommended to buy.
12:30pm — Gil and I cuddle on the couch. He suddenly puts me on his back and decides to do his workout with me on his back. It's fun. He motivates me to do some sit-ups with him, but when I check my stomach afterwards, I still have no abs. We enjoy each other’s company separately as he plays more games while I write in my journal. I also enter my expenses and interest earned from my savings into my Excel spreadsheet.
2:20pm — I research the best way to learn Spanish. Do I pay for in-person classes or just take online classes? I ponder whether to sign up for Spanishpod101. They have a $1 USD offer to access premium content for a month and if I exit the page, I can never get the offer again. The FOMO trick works and I decide to sign up ($1.56). I spend the afternoon checking out the content and repeating Spanish words to myself. $1.56
5:30pm — Gil and I decide to head to Grill’d for dinner. I order a bowl of chips, two vegan Impossible Burgers and an apple juice for both of us ($19). Since I'm a member and regularly eat here, I score the chips and apple juice for free. They do 2-for-1 vegan burgers on Mondays, so it's packed. $19
6:24pm — We stop by Coles to grab a few essentials for dinner tomorrow night. It's so crowded! We get the hell out of there as soon as we can (Gil pays) and head home.
6:55pm — I take a long hot shower as soon as we get home while Gil puts away the groceries. My good man.
7:25pm — I check my emails and resume learning Spanish.
8:30pm — Gil and I watch the latest Matrix movie and stop with 40 minutes left. It was so trippy. We stumble into bed and doze off easily.
Daily Total: $20.56

Day 2

7:23am — I wake up and stay in bed to cuddle with my boyfriend.  
7:28am — I get ready and do my skincare routine. I apply Bioderma micellar water to cleanse, Go-To Vitamin C serum, Ultra Repair cream and Cancer Council moisturising sunscreen. I ask Google the weather and learn that it’s going to be a cold day today at 10ºC. Brrr!
7:33am — I pack some leftover lasagne for lunch and eat a bowl of Weet-Bix with chia seeds for breakfast. 
7:50am — I realise that my period has arrived and I've stained my favourite sweatpants! I scramble to spray them with a stain remover, rinse and repeat until I give up and just leave them to soak in the solution. I quickly get ready as I have a meeting to get to first thing in the morning. I put on some blush, lipstick and pat in some Olaplex no. 5 to tame my hair.
8:09am — I walk to work. Damn, in my rush, I forgot my AirPods. I normally like listening to podcasts while I walk. I’m tempted to buy some coffee, but I don’t have time, so I don’t.
8:30am — Tuesdays are the new Mondays. Since my work follows a hybrid system, Tuesdays tend to be when most people are in the office, so I usually have meetings galore on this day. Today’s no exception.
11:02am — I finally have time to take a break and decide to use the Nespresso machine at work. I find the coffee weak, but it’s free. I add some chocolate powder to make a fancy cup of mocha. Mmm, sugar craving satisfied. I get back to my desk to prepare for a meeting.
12:01pm — I head to the gym, get changed and do a quick yoga session and 1km on the stationary bike. With my heart pumping, I change and head back to work feeling tired, but on an endorphin high. I eat my lasagne at my desk.
1:30pm — Meetings fly by and I get assigned more action items to do later. I like talking to people so I actually don’t mind meetings, but only when there’s a maximum of three people involved so everyone actually participates. 
3:35pm — I finally return to my desk and chat with my seat mate about what we were up to during the long weekend. Her family has a place on the South Coast, so the lucky gal actually had a getaway! 
5:05pm — Time flies as I tick things off my to-do list. Next thing I know, my coworkers are heading home, so I pack up. I smile, thinking I can’t wait to see Gil when I get home.
5:25pm — I arrive home and Gil is there to greet me. He’s been working from home so he received my Adore Beauty package from my impulse buy over the weekend (I couldn’t resist the 20% off offer). Thank god I don’t have to go to the post office. I rattle on about how my day went while I settle into comfier clothes. Then I unbox my package, pulling out a Kiehl’s moisturiser, a Cerave lotion, a TimTam and some samples.  
5:55pm — Gil and I feast for dinner. He's baked some herb-crusted salmon (it’s from Aldi and I highly recommend it!), which we eat with some sunny-side-up eggs and leftover fried rice.
7:00pm — I shower and double cleanse. Then I relish patting my skin with my Skinceuticals retinol serum and neck cream and Ultra repair moisturiser. I quite like the texture of these products.
7:30pm — We chill on the couch and watch the rest of The Matrix (the ending was a bit lazy, to be honest. I have so many questions!). 
8:44 pm — I FaceTime my mum to greet her a happy birthday, before learning that my brother's caught Covid! Bummer. I hope he recovers fast and that my parents don’t catch it too! I do another round of Spanish on my app then head to bed at 10pm.
Daily Total: $0

Day 3

 7:15am — I feel well-rested and stay in bed to cuddle with Gil. However, my tiny bladder demands I get up and head to the loo, so I get up and get ready for the day. I wake myself up by doing my usual morning skincare routine.
7:40am —  I jump back into bed to scroll Instagram, check my emails and do a round of Spanish lessons on my phone.
8:10am — After a moment of weakness, I order a soy flat white on the Guzman Y Gomez app — it looked like a good deal for $2.50! I rush to pick it up since it’s only five minutes away and it's waiting for me when I arrive. Brilliant! It actually tastes good and I like that they use BioPak for the cup and lid. There’s always that sacred moment after the first sip of coffee that keeps me coming back for more. $2.50
8:25am — I return home and turn on my computer. I read some emails. Today’s gloomy weather is the perfect work-from-home cosy weather. I am grateful to be able to work from home a few times a week. It’s the only good thing to come out of the pandemic.
8:55am — I eat Weet-Bix with oat milk and log in on my laptop. God, I love not commuting and working from home, especially when it’s raining outside! Time flies as I review documents, make changes, send emails and respond to messages.
12pm — My stomach growls, so I heat up a mishmash of leftovers including baked beans, salmon, and fried rice. I also heat up some lasagne to satisfy my hunger. I realise I forgot to eat breakfast, so this lunch tastes extra good despite the randomness. I eat while working at my desk. I have a list of things to do that I want to accomplish before my back-to-back meetings start and I’m almost done!
2:00pm — I suffer through a long training session over Zoom to learn how to use a new software we’re migrating to at work. Is it just me or are online training sessions more arduous? Staring at the screen for so long is just so exhausting. Time drags on. Next thing I know, I have to run to the loo and jump on another call after. Then I send more emails and finalise a document for review.
5:20pm — Satisfied with my level of productivity, I shut down my computer and breathe a sigh of relief! I take a long hot shower to unwind and stare at the condensation on the wall. There’s something soothing about spacing out after a long day.
6:00pm — Gil is home! Yay! We kiss and I get started on cooking some rice. I rinse it a few times, then scatter in some corn kernels on top before setting the timer on the multi-cooker. Then I clear the dishes piled up in the sink and pack them into the dishwasher. It’s so satisfying to see a clear sink.
6:20pm — I sit on Gil’s lap with a bowl of blueberries while we talk about our days. He had a chill day at work and got to catch up with a workmate he hasn’t seen in ages. God, I love blueberries. They’re in season and I can tell from the pops of sweetness in my mouth. 
6:50pm — We reheat some leftovers and pop some frozen squid chips in the oven (it’s from Coles and I highly recommend it). 
7:10pm — We finally sit down for a random dinner of steamed rice with corn, baby spinach, leftover chicken and crispy squid chips with orange juice. Yum, it's actually good despite the randomness!
7:50pm — Gil cleans up and starts the dishwasher, then we cuddle. We then separate as he plays more games and I read emails and practice Spanish on my iPad. I stop when my brain feels tired. I remember I spent money today, so I update my expenses on my spreadsheet.
8:20pm — I realise that our Stay NSW vouchers are expiring soon so I research places where we can use them. Do we do a staycation or explore regional NSW? I earmark options for discussion with Gil later.
Daily Total: $2.50

Day 4

7:16am — I wake up and feel so cosy cuddling in bed with Gil. Then I roll out of bed to do my usual skincare routine. Since I’m going to the office today, I slap on some Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin foundation, blush and bareMinerals lipstick. 
7:32am — Brekkie time with my usual Weet-Bix and chia seeds combo. I do my daily Spanish lesson on my phone. Why do they have to make it complicated with masculine and feminine words?!
8:05am — I get dressed for the rain in my gumboots and raincoat. Oh great, just what my freshly curled hair needs, it's drizzling!
8:39am — I arrive in the office and make myself some Nespresso coffee. Maybe it’s the capsule we have at work but man, it tastes diluted. I log on for another workday and breathe a sigh of relief that I only have a few meetings today. I can actually get some work done!
10:10am — I take a work break and make myself another cup of coffee. Yep, still bad. I don’t even know why I try sometimes. Moments like this make saving money feel extra hard. I squeeze in some more work before my next meeting.
11:30am — I find the meeting room and realise that half of the group is dialling in online. It’s bucketing rain outside so most of them probably can’t be bothered coming into the office. I can’t say I blame them. Isn’t it odd how normal video calls have gotten in a short span of time? In 2019, it would have been strange to dial in for a call in a meeting room (at least where I work).  
12:10pm — I realise that I forgot to bring my sport shoes! There goes my gym session. I’m starving so I decide to take my lunch break. I toast my peanut butter and banana sandwiches in the sandwich press. Toasted sandwiches taste so much better.
12:20pm — I call my dad as I eat my lunch. He tells me what he’s been up to and reminds me to call mum to check up on her. Apparently, she hasn’t been feeling well.
1:00pm — I return to my desk and snack on some mandarins. Don’t you love it when a mandarin turns out sweet and seedless? The afternoon drags on. I spot a baby spider on my desk which freaks me out. I kill it by crushing it with a tissue box. Go to the office, they say… and this is what you get!
2:40pm — I munch on two chocolate bars and feel guilty. Skipping my workout and now this? It’s all downhill from here. Who am I to deny my need for a sugar hit to withstand the afternoon lull as I answer emails and chase up IT for the access I need.
3pm — I eat a quarter of a dark chocolate cupcake. God bless coworkers who have good snacks to share. I get briefed on an exciting event to plan, so I share my excitement with my seat mate and start doing some planning work. 
5:31pm — Time flies but the tiredness from my eyes means it’s time to go. I walk home and, thank the heavens, the rain has subsided. I stop by the Asian grocer to grab some ginger and silken tofu — $2.71.
5:51pm — I arrive home to Gil’s smiling face. Home sweet home. I take a short hot shower and slather on some Frank Body Smoothing AHA Body Lotion. The smell is not great but it does make my skin feel smoother. 
6:00pm — I cook a Kung Pao chicken recipe I’ve been meaning to try and add some chopped bok choy and capsicum to make it healthier. The sweet and salty sauce and tender chicken hit the spot. Gil and I talk about our days and he thanks me for cooking. He had a nice lunch break with his coworker who regaled him on his recent Europe trip. I wish I spent the summer in Europe too! Then he does the dishes while I try calling my mum. She doesn’t answer.
6:55pm — We cuddle on the couch while I read my emails. My favourite Gloss newsletter has arrived today and I smile at it. It’s like reading a page of the beauty section of the magazine (which is my favourite part), but delivered into your inbox every so often. I tell Gil about it and then we watch an episode of Burn Notice. It’s an old show about a spy who gets burned and has to accept odd jobs to get by.
8:30pm — My mum calls me back and I discover she has Covid now, too! Good thing she’s vaccinated and only has mild symptoms, which is a relief. We talk about the recipes I’ve tried recently, the Korean dramas she currently loves watching and the upcoming parties at work.
9:05pm — I do more research for places we can go with the Stay NSW voucher. The gloomy weather from the past week makes me feel unsure about booking anything. What if the bad weather follows me where I go? Time flies while I get lost in research mode, then Gil reminds me we have to go to bed. It’s already 11pm!
Daily Total: $2.71

Day 5

7:15am — I sleep in and find it hard to get up, away from Gil’s cosy embrace.
7:32am — I finally get up and get ready slowly. TGIF. 
7:52am —  I eat my usual bowl of Weet-Bix while doing my daily Spanish lesson on my phone. Then I pack some leftover lasagne and a caramel cookie for lunch. I can’t wait to finish the lasagne because it has gotten rubbery. I’m tempted to just throw it, but I don’t like wasting food.
8:31am — I walk to the office and listen to a podcast about how an entrepreneur founded a subscription meat delivery business. That’s a great idea. 
8:51am — I arrive in the office and make myself a cup of Nespresso coffee. It tastes okay. I decide to go rogue and book a different desk today. Ooh, it’s a fancy standing desk, so I alternate between standing and sitting while I action my emails and review documents.
10:51am — I go to a meeting room for a catch-up about my workload with my manager. Thank god Fridays are quiet so meeting rooms are easily available.  
11:20am — I heat up my leftovers and have an early lunch. 
12:55pm — I go to the gym for Pilates. After an hour of torture and stretching, I feel refreshed to go back to work.
4:00pm — People start going home and I feel FOMO! I really need to finish reviewing a document today. 
4:48pm — I’m finally done! I can do more but my brain feels numb, so I start packing my stuff. I realise there’s a random onion in my bag! I must have been carrying it all week from when I went grocery shopping last weekend. Oh dear.
5:05pm — Home sweet home. I indulge in a nice hot shower, which is much needed, especially after getting rained on during my walk back home. I blow dry my hair then bother Gil for a cuddle. We kiss and talk about our day and how productive we’ve been. Then I read on my iPad while he plays his game. I inhaled this well-researched article — How Augustinus Bader Made Us Believe. Refreshing honesty like this makes me think more highly of Allure for publishing it. I’ve bought the Rich Cream for my dad before and he wasn’t too impressed by it — it used to boggle my mind when experts like Melanie Grant recommended it. This article helps explain why.
10:00pm — The rest of the night is spent watching Burn Notice and Heartbreak High. I love that it’s an Aussie show! I don’t get Harper but maybe there’s a reason behind all the angst. I’ll continue watching in the next few days to find out more. It’s almost midnight, so I force myself to go to sleep.
Daily Total: $0

Day 6

8:39am — Another sleep-in. I wake up and feel relieved that I have nothing planned for today.
8:57am — Gil insists it’s time to do the laundry, so I chuck some dirty clothes into the washing machine then go get ready for a chill day. I do my usual skincare routine but try my new Peace Out moisturiser instead, since my other moisturiser has run out. I like the texture of this one, but the smell’s just okay.
9:25am — Gil and I laze around in bed until we have to get up to hang clothes to dry. Then I continue lounging on the bed while doing my daily Spanish lesson. I check my emails and scroll Instagram and see that Bang'n Body is holding a silent auction to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. That’s cool. I check out what’s up for grabs and place bids for a KX Pilates voucher and a Bang'n Body voucher. I could always use some more of their fragrance-free lotion. 
10:30am — I am getting hungry so I start making breakfast. I pop some potato gems in the oven (they're like mini hash browns, but crispier!). Then I clear the dishwasher and the sink. Aah, it’s so satisfying to see a clean sink. I fry some sunny-side-up eggs and cook some baked beans with spinach. Later, I call out for Gil and we feast on all of it with some smashed avo on the side. So filling and easy. 
11:20am — I call an inn to check if they accept two Stay NSW vouchers for a single night booking and they do! Phew, I was getting worried that they were going to waste, since they're expiring tomorrow. I organise the booking through the phone and email. We’ll pay the remaining balance ($97) when we arrive next month. Gotta love free vouchers from the government.
12:01pm — I read Ruth Reichl and Money Mag’s newsletters. I enjoy reading email newsletters like this. Then I see that I’ve been outbid for the Bang'n Body voucher, so I up my bid twice more. I check out their website to see what items I want and the maximum bid I would go for the $500 voucher. 
1:00pm — I get lost doing some research for our upcoming trip to Orange. I save some spots on Google Maps and make a restaurant booking! How exciting. 
3:01pm — I call my mum to check up on her. She has tested negative but is still isolating to be safe. She tells me about this rich influencer she follows on Facebook and how I should follow her, too. Okay Mum, okay.
5:31pm — Gil and I try a Taiwanese restaurant nearby. I was gifted an Uber Eats voucher, so I decide to use the ‘dine in’ feature to use up my credit. We feast on some congee and noodle soup, perfect for this rainy weather. $19.43
7:15pm — I take a long hot shower. Then I enter my recent expenses on my spreadsheet and shop online for clothes but resist the urge to purchase. The magic of keeping track of expenses is that I've gotten more mindful of my spending. I find out I lost the auction. Ah well, at least I helped increase the funds they’re raising for charity.
8:45pm — I online shop beauty products and watch Youtube, Reels and TikTok reviews while I chill on the couch before going to bed at 11pm. I feel proud of myself for not actually buying anything.
Daily Total: $19.43

Day 7

8:15am — Aah, it feels good to sleep in. I feel well-rested. I jump out of bed and do my skincare routine. I feel indulgent, so I decide to put on some makeup: Tatcha Liquid Silk Canvas primer, Kosas brow gel, foundation, blush and a dark pink lipstick. This is my first time trying the primer and I like how smoothly it glides on my skin. Silky, indeed.
8:40am — I decide to try a vegan banana porridge recipe from Elsa's Wholesome Life. I don’t have the exact ingredients in the recipe, so I make some substitutions. My version of her recipe includes a mashed banana, cinnamon, oats, maple syrup, chia seeds and oat milk. I’ve been craving something warm since it’s been cold lately. I top the porridge with blueberries and it hits the spot.
9:00am — I journal and feel instantly better. Reminding myself of everything I am grateful for is a good way to boost my spirits. I make a list of ideas I can do today. The world is my oyster and it feels good to feel untethered from my computer for the day.
9:50am — I get lost scrolling Instagram and decide to call my sister. I haven’t spoken to her in a while. Yay, she answers! She tells me about her upcoming vacation to Hawaii and I tell her about my plans to go on a road trip to Orange, to eat and drink at some wineries. Thank god for video calls making long distances more palatable.
11:30am — I go out to enjoy some sun while Gil plays on his computer. I head to Mecca and asked for some samples of their Tatcha toner and Kosas foundation as I’m eyeing them to buy but can’t commit just yet. Then I wander into Gorman (such pretty colours, but so exxy!) and Muji, where I buy a five-pack of their notebooks ($5). Then I get some groceries at Woolworths for $47. I love avo season! I buy plenty of avos and other essentials to make some guac. $53
1:10pm — Before I know it, it’s lunchtime. I head home and cook some grilled cheese toasties and share them with Gil. Yum.
2:11pm — I take my Spanish lessons on my phone and listen to Spanishpod while I memorise Spanish numbers. I check my emails and see that there is an Amex offer for an upcoming sale. Woohoo. I save the offer (spend $50 and get $10 back) to my card. I await this offer every year because it’s the only time I can get cashback for buying from Mecca!
3:21pm — Time flies as I read a few chapters of a book, titled Time Wise by Amantha Imber, who’s a behavioural scientist. She also has a podcast called How I Work that I like to listen to, where she interviews productive people from all walks of life to find out their productivity hacks. 
5:21pm — Gil and I go out for dinner. The sun is gloriously setting as we walk around the harbour. Then we head to a nearby Vietnamese restaurant. We gorge on bowls of pho and spring rolls. Talk about comfort food. We split the bill — $20.
7:31pm — We head home together. I take a relaxing hot shower then chill on the couch for most of the night while curled up with my book. Then we settle into bed at around 10pm. 
 Daily Total: $72
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