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The Not-For-Profit Founder Sparking Real Change For Women Of Colour [WATCH]

The Changemakers series, created in partnership with LinkedIn, showcases Australian women who are starting community conversations on topics such as diversity, inclusion and the future of work.
In this episode, we hear from Brenda Gaddi, a first-generation migrant Australian and founder of not-for-profit Women Of Colour Australia
The culmination of a five-year dream, Women Of Colour Australia was launched in August 2020. The organisation is community-led and women-focused, aiming to build networks and provide equal opportunities for all marginalised women of colour in Australia.
While Women Of Colour Australia was only founded in 2020, Brenda has been building women-focused communities and platforming marginalised voices for over a decade.
Gaddi is passionate about championing equality for all women, and, through her LinkedIn presence, the NFP founder has a space to spark conversation. In this episode, Gaddi notes that LinkedIn has been essential in being able to talk about topics that may be confronting. As a LinkedIn Changemaker, she says she sees it as her responsibility to advocate for the women in her community.
Speaking to Refinery29 Australia, Gaddi references a powerful quote by Women Of Colour Australia ambassador Tasneem Chopra OAM, "Women of colour don't lack the agency; we don't lack the capability; what we lack are the opportunities."
Hear more of Gaddi's story below:

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