Interracial Couples On Communication, Self-Education, & Allyship

Photo: Courtesy of Aimee & D'shara.
One of the ideas that's finally been emphasised in recent years is that being silent around the topics of racism and privilege is not a neutral action — it's actively harmful. So, many of us have been talking about race. On social media, while marching, to family, to friends, to significant others.
For people in interracial relationships, these difficult but important conversations are nothing new — nor have they been seen as anything but essential.
"I'm willing to listen," says Aimee, about the conversations she has with her wife. "It’s about showing up for D’shara through thick and thin."
"I told [Campbell] if this relationship was going to be serious that he had to educate himself about racial injustice and be a vocal ally against racial injustice," says Cambria, about her partner. Now Campbell agrees that these conversations are "crucial."
Refinery29 caught up with four interracial couples to ask them how they talk about race. Their responses highlight the importance of rejecting silence, are illuminating for anyone who's trying to be an ally.

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