Here Are 8 Easy Money-Saving Strategies To Help You Save Every Week

Illustrated by Janet Sung.
Whether it's the start of a new year, a new month, or a new mindset — many of us take shiny starts to make resolutions related to money or personal finance goals. Whether it’s paying off a debt, saving up for a car or a house, or getting a job with a higher salary, there are a lot of great financial goals to strive towards. The most important thing when it comes down to finding ways to implement — and stick to — these strategies is to set realistic goals you know you can achieve.
We often tend to think of goal-setting in black and white terms: For example, we’re either going to the gym every day at 6am. or we’re not going at all. If we operate in this way, it can certainly be difficult to feel that we ever achieve anything; the moment we trip up we feel like quitting. Instead, it's often best to set smaller, realistic goals that are sustainable, and commit to getting right back on the horse after (inevitably) falling off.
It's also important to remember that any goals do not have a precise finish line. Perhaps you’re looking to save a bigger chunk of your paychecks, spend less money eating out, or do less online shopping this year. Whatever your goal may be, remember: The window doesn’t automatically close just because you mess up once. You can start fresh any day of the year.
So in the name of starting small and staying on point, we’ve put together a list of seven simple strategies to help you save money every week. Read on to get inspired, and remember — if you forgot to bring your own lunch today, you can always cook tonight and bring some leftovers tomorrow.

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