Your 2023 Halloween Horoscope By Zodiac Sign Is Here

Photographed by Megan Madden.
This Halloween brings lots of ghastly fun our way. The lunar eclipse in Taurus wraps up on October 28, so the energy around Hallow’s Eve should illuminate matters in our lives, as well as shaking up our personal circumstances and relationships. With Venus in Virgo and Uranus retrograde in Taurus harmonising, we’ll want to step out of our comfort zones and be present in the moment. The cosmos is bringing both tricks and treats our way, due to the duplicitous and dualistic Gemini Moon. The following morning, on All Saints Day and Dia de Los Muertos, the moon creates a T-Square with Venus in Virgo and Neptune retrograde in Pisces, heightening our intuition and connection with the spiritual world. Grab your black salt to protect your home from unwanted energy and create an altar to honour your ancestors. 


Although you might be looking for fun, you will find that the best role you can take on this Halloween is that of someone who can safeguard members of your local community or peer group. Whether you choose to be the sober driver of your squad or act as safety monitor for your neighbourhood when everyone is trick-or-treating, you’ll find that the best thing you can do is to be of service to others.


Halloween is the best time to embrace your creative side. You’ll adorn yourself in the most fabulous costume handmade by you to show off your amazing aesthetic. Not only will your confidence soar, due to all the compliments you will receive, but you could find a niche in making custom costumes or in styling others, perhaps as a hobby or a side hustle.


You haven’t taken the opportunity to have a good time in months, because of all of the projects you’ve recently taken on. Now is the time to get out and socialise. Make sure to cut loose to "The Monster Mash" and bob for apples. Don’t let the partying go too far, your crew is relying on your finely tuned Mercurial skills to tell scary stories at the end of the night, so you’ll want to be coherent.


Halloween brings a mystical moment that inspires you to get deep. It’s the perfect time to do so, as the veil between the metaphysical and physical worlds is thinner than usual. This means that you’re considering pulling tarot cards or scheduling a reading from a medium to understand the spiritual energy you’re feeling. The experience will prove to be healing, as it’ll allow you to see matters from a different perspective and to gain clarity.


You’re in the mood to get extra spooky this Hallow’s Eve, perhaps with something like a ghost walk highlighting all of the haunted places in your town. Although you often show off your bold nature, you might let your guard down and expose the lesser-seen, cowardly part of your personality, but only amongst your besties who won’t judge you. Prepare yourself to feel shivers run down your back when you embark on this adventure.


Since Halloween falls on a work night, you’re wanting to lean into your practical nature and call it an early evening, after ordering takeout food for dinner and watching a scary movie. After all, you’ve spent the whole weekend out and about in costume and celebrating the holiday with pals, which is why you won’t be disappointed with plans to watch Netflix and chill with thrills on the 31st. Get your beauty rest, Virgo. 


Being a professional procrastinator means that you often leave your work assignments to the very last minute. With your looming deadlines, it will be hard to do your assignments and hang with your pals on Halloween. Therefore, you should do as much as you can in the morning to ensure you can make it to a get together with your friends or colleagues in the evening — even if it is a low key event.


You’re yearning for soul-to-soul connections, leading you to clear your calendar and schedule time alone with your boo or BFF to spend the evening on an intimate level. With your aura radiating a lot of intense energy, you’ll opt to plan for a one-on-one evening of decadence and pleasure at your favourite bar or restaurant.


As a lover of pranks, you’re totally getting into the holiday spirit and wanting to trick your friends instead of giving treats. But, when the tables are turned, you’ll have a different opinion on how it feels to be on the other side of the hijinks. If you’re going to dish it, you have to take their jests with a lighthearted approach and laugh it off (if their practical jokes don’t cross any boundaries).


Once you get into the Halloween spirit, you’ll find that you are wanting to crush the competition in having the best costume. Even though it’s not a contest, you want to be the most audacious version of Barbie that you can and stand out amongst the sea of wannabe dolls. our artistic talent is at a high, so it’ll be easy to meet your goals and show up to the festivities looking amazing.


You’re the ultimate host since you are super accommodating to your guests. This Halloween, you’re not wanting to go too hard when partying in order to play the part of emcee without any hitches. You also need to have your wits about in order to play pin the eyeball, introducing peeps, moderating fight night bingo, divvying up teams for death charades, and making sure the punch bowl is fully stocked at all times. 


This Halloween brings your own ghosts to life — no they’re not actual apparitions, but they might as well be. There is a 99.9% probability that you’ll bump into an ex at a party and another former flame love bombs your phone with excessive texts. Before the spirit of the evening pushes you to respond, take a minute to think about if you really want to go backwards or if you should meet someone new.
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