Get Ready For Radical Change: Venus Is In Virgo

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The planet of love and money, Venus, is finally moving out of Leo and into Virgo on October 8. Venus, who’s been in the fire sign since June 5 and underwent an intense retrograde from July 22 to September 3, is moving onwards and forwards in the sky, and bringing radical change as it goes. Luckily, the day before Venus enters Virgo, the retroshade phase of the winter’s retrograde in Leo ends. This means we can leave our frustrations behind by beginning a journey which will heighten our pleasures, finances, and romantic endeavours
While Virgo isn’t necessarily a favoured sign for Venus to be in (because it’s not as dreamy as the exaltation in Pisces, which is Venus’s favourite place to be), this spring will make us less pragmatic when it comes to romance and more fanciful. Venus is in its “fall” in Virgo, due to the fact that the amorous planet becomes cautious and critical when in the earth sign. This placement shows their affection and adoration by taking care of the simpler things in life for their significant other or crush. They’re apt to help with errands, chores, and be an endless shoulder to cry on. They want to do “right” by their partner — even if that means putting their needs second. But, that doesn’t necessarily require them to be declarative in matters of the heart. And, they can be a tad penny-pinching with their finances, too. Sales are their friend. 
Venus’s stint in Virgo this spring is bringing a vibe shift that will be well received — even though its first stop is an opposition to the austere Saturn retrograde in Pisces, on October 10, which is making us feel unloved and unable to nurture others. Our confidence could take a hit, as well as our spending limit on our credit cards and bank account. This is a great day to start investing in ourselves and give ourselves some much needed TLC to boost our self-esteem. 
During this time, Venus is being empowered by Jupiter, but Jupiter isn’t being empowered by Venus. In a nutshell, we will want to expand our desires, but won't be able to since Venus will make us focus on the details and not the big picture. And yet, our finances and hearts will bloom and broaden. When these two planets kiss in the cosmos, they expand our desire to take risks when it comes to expressing our innermost sentiments (an emotion that will reach its perfect form on October 22, when these planets link up). Of course, there is going to be trepidation before committing to a budget or relationship, as we are making lists in our head about whether or not we want to go down a specific route. However, the last week of October is prime for partnerships — until then, we will be observing these situations with scrutiny as we analyse every text, conversation, and plans. Investing our time and resources wisely is pivotal. 
Neptune retrograde in Pisces is aspecting Venus on November 3, and this illusive configuration is urging us to jump into rapturous waves of love without care. We’ll want to believe in the good of others, even if their actions have proved otherwise. Watch out for deception around money at this time, because we could easily be scammed due to our trusting and sympathetic sentiments. Our intuition could be blurred, as we are unable to decide what avenue to take when moving situations and relationships to the next level. Don’t get too discouraged on November 3: it is just one moment in time. Things will get better and easier.  
If you wish to manifest any romantic or financial goals throughout Venus’s journey in Virgo, it’s imperative to connect with your body and earth. Plant seeds in the garden with a specific intention and talk to the planets as they grow, meditate with a rose quartz crystal on your chest to induce self-love, place basil leaves in a sachet under your bed to elevate your finances, and connect with nature while hiking to set your personal goals.

Major transits happening during Venus in Virgo:

October 8: Venus moves into Virgo, adding a practicality to love and money.  
October 10: Venus opposes Saturn retrograde in Pisces, limiting our confidence and finances. 
October 22: Venus aspects Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, bringing luck to our romantic lives and urging us to take caution before investing on impulse. 
October 31: Venus trines Uranus retrograde in Taurus, heightening the desire to break free from commitment and to embrace our uniqueness on Halloween. 
November 3: Venus aspects Neptune retrograde in Pisces, creating a dreamy vibe in our lives. 
November 6: Venus trine Pluto in Capricorn, allowing our passions and desire to shine. 
November 8: Venus enters Libra and starts a whole new cycle, flirting its way through romantic and financial matters. 
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