Beware: Venus Retrograde Will Leave You Feeling Very Confused

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From July 22 to September 3, Venus will be retrograde in the fire sign Leo — creating confusing sentiments around romance, finances, and relationships for all of us earthlings. Every 18 months, the planet of love and money, commences its 40-day moonwalk. This year, Venus will be retrograde for 44 days, which means it will last even longer than in previous years. The retrograde movement is Venus’s switch and reset from being an “evening star” (making it only visible at night, from sunset to before sunrise) to a “morning star” (making it only visible during the daylight hours, from sunrise to before sunset). 
Venus, who flirts through a zodiac sign every three weeks, usually circles the Sun faster than Earth. Venus starts to slow down, during its pre and post retroshade phase (this occurs before and after the retrograde begins, in this case it occurred from June 19 to July 22 and will commence from September 3 to October 7). Venus has started to move more slowly than Earth, creating the dizzying effect of a retrograde. This planet in particular can be challenging when it creeps along the Sun as it is one of the two planets (along with Uranus) that naturally orbit in the opposite direction of Earth, making the prolonged astrological transit extra challenging and daunting.
Retrogrades are a moment of reflection. Venus’s leisurely backwards stroll is going to bring up a lot of repressed sentiments within ourselves and with others. We may jump in or break out of relationships and partnerships, only to regret our choices at the end of the retrograde. Money matters will be brought to our attention. If you’re seeking a raise, now is not the right time to expect one — but it is the right time to start negotiations.
Consolidating debt is a favourable undertaking at this time. Even though our bank accounts are low, the desire is high to overspend. Keep the receipts because you could change your mind on purchases. Reminder, sales are your friend. Not only that, but our insecurities are highlighted, since Venus is the planet of confidence. In order to dodge negative self-talk, practice daily affirmations, implement a self-care routine, and do things that make you happy. Also, rest and chill on the time you have off from work. Don’t push yourself to the limit. Cry if you need to, let your emotions flow. Roar your heart out. Assert your passions. 
In the midst of the chaos, the yearly Venus Star Point (a term coined by astrologer Arielle Guttman) occurs on August 13. This is the annual connection between Venus and the Sun, also referred to as “cazimi,” which is happening on August 13. Being that Venus runs in an eight-year cycle, we are going back four years in time to the summer of 2019. Think of the romantic dreams and financial plans you set in motion. Now is the time to revise, reassess, and revisit them. You might even decide to re-embrace the looks of that period, since Venus also governs fashion. More importantly, if you wish to manifest your truest heartfelt desires or make a commitment, August 13 is the prime day to do so.
The two previous Venus retrogrades in Leo were in the summers of 2007 and 2015. Looking back upon those times in our lives will give us a sense of what to expect. Granted, most of the other planets are in different signs; however, we can assess the flavour that it’ll bring to us. This can help us understand how we can navigate through the energy and work with the retrograde, instead of fighting against it. 
Important Dates During Venus Retrograde:
July 22: Venus retrograde commences in Leo. 
August 9: Venus retrograde in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus, urging us to be free and move out of controlling situations or relationships. Conversely, we may find that we want to partner up and build a foundation with another. 
August 13: Venus retrograde and the Sun in Leo joining forces, creating the “cazimi” effect AKA the Venus Star Point. This is the best day to take action during the retrograde, since the Sun is adding power to Venus. 
August 22: Venus retrograde in Leo squares off with Jupiter in Taurus, exaggerating and expanding our heartfelt sentiments. 
September 3: Venus retrograde ends.
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