21 Practical Birthday Gifts For The Virgo In Your Life

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When one Zodiac sign closes, another opens — and folks, the palate-cleansing dawn of Virgo is upon us, bringing with it a dose of spring vibes. In celebration, we called up Lisa Stardust to pick her brilliant astrologist's brain on the best buys for this calm and collected sign.
Although it's true that Virgos make the world go 'round, the earth sign can still be tricky to shop for due to their particular, perfectionist ways. "Virgos will prefer simplistic and practical gifts over extravagant indulgences," Stardust explains. "When it comes to presents, Virgos like things that allow them to have a good time and relax." However, a little luxe goes a long way with Virgos, too: "They also love rich fabrics like velvet and silk and beautiful jewellery," Stardust adds.
Another thing to keep in mind? Don't underestimate the impact of a small but thoughtful prezzie: "Virgos want to be inspired by a gift and cherish it every day," Stardust adds. As the "masterful helpers" of the zodiac, a birthday present can be a great way to allow Virgos a moment of self-care — a little something we could all use.
Whether it's the perfect home décor objet or some luxurious skincare essential, we've rounded up 21 gracious gift ideas that any Virgo will cherish. (I would know, because I am one!)
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