Your September Horoscope Is Here — It’s Time To Find What You Truly Desire

New season, who dis? Embrace the changes that are coming this month with ease by allowing yourself to heal and make amends with the past. Ultimately, this will lead to a new attitude and perspective within — unlike anything we’ve experienced before.
As the sun shifts into Libra on September 22, we can expect harmony, tenderness, and peace as we journey through the last week of September and await the harvest season. The air is getting warmer, the leaves are growing back, and our hearts are overloaded with sentimentality. 
The Pisces full moon on September 10 heightens our emotions and intuition, while bringing the unexpected out to play. September 25’s new moon in Libra asks us to find balance and serenity in all of our relationships.
Mercury retrograde commences on September 9 in Libra and re-enters Virgo during its moonwalk on September 23. Watch out for miscommunications, travel issues, and other calamities. Moments before Mercury backpedals into Virgo, it aligns with the sun in Libra. This aspect brings us clarity and wisdom through the clouds of the retrograde.
Venus, the planet of love and money, enters Virgo on September 5, then Libra on September 29. This planetary transition between signs will make us want to be as pragmatic as we can about matters of the heart and finances in order to find what we truly desire.
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