The Full Moon In Virgo Is Here — It’s Time To Put Yourself First

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The full moon in Virgo is the last full moon of winter, and of this astrological season. It will rise on February 24. The astrological new year — and spring — starts when Aries Season begins on March 19.
Full moons mark the end of the lunar cycle, which is the time when we are releasing, healing, rejuvenating, and relinquishing. It’s a moment when the moon is brightly lit, and we’re able to see things more intimately and closely because the moon is shining brightly upon earth. Since the moon controls the ocean’s tides, and human beings are made of up to 60% water, it immensely affects us Earthlings. This means that we feel our emotions more intensely, and we also have heightened intuition during a full moon.
Every full moon affects us differently, due to its sign and the planets that are in play. During the Virgo full moon, also referred to as the snow moon, we can release any thoughts or beliefs that don’t align with our values. This period encourages us to balance our logic and intuition, and motivates us to focus on ourselves rather than others. As we delve into our thoughts, we become more determined to manifest our dreams into concrete realities. When aspecting different planets, it has more of a story to unravel.
The Virgo full moon on the 24th opposes Mercury and Saturn, both currently in Pisces, and harmonises with Jupiter in Taurus. Since the lumation aspects Mercury, the Planet of Communication, there might be some detrimental misunderstandings in relationships. Saturn’s presence makes it hard for us to express ourselves because it adds an element of emotional limitation, meaning that we won’t want to share our warm and fuzzy feelings but rather keep them to ourselves. Jupiter will exasperate such sentiments, making it more difficult for us to open up to others. Doing so might cause internal pressure because it’s important to release our frustrations instead of repressing and internalising them.
Asteroids are small celestial bodies that add flavour to larger planets. The full moon gains more flare due to the presence of the asteroids Ceres in Capricorn and Pallas in Sagittarius. Although Ceres is supposed to be a nurturing planet, it is austere in Capricorn. This implies that we need to be in control of our emotional nature and work towards elevating our lives by applying our knowledge to avoid making mistakes we have made before. Learning from the past is key. Pallas represents wisdom, allowing us to use our skills and intellect to tackle different situations. This is an opportunity to heal ourselves, but we may become defensive and want to use this energy to expand our knowledge and understanding.
Expressing our hidden emotions can be challenging, but it can also be beneficial. The fixed star Sadachbia’s connection with the sun in Pisces can help us understand and deal with our feelings, leading to a sense of relief and reduced stress. Although the Virgo moon’s analytical nature may make it challenging to express ourselves, talking and sharing our thoughts can be helpful in the long run. The fixed star is an extremely positive influence that can help us uncover hidden sentiments and secrets, allowing us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the complexities of our emotions.
Venus and Jupiter connect the day of the full moon. While the alignment of Venus and Jupiter may make it challenging to stay motivated, it’s important to remain optimistic and realistic. Relationship issues may arise, particularly in regards to finances, so it’s crucial to be mindful of these potential roadblocks. Utilising the earthy energy of the Virgo full moon can help us stay grounded and focused, allowing for more productive thoughts and actions.
During the Virgo full moon, we’ll be reflecting on our thoughts and emotions to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. This is a time for introspection rather than sharing with others. We’ll be considering what we want from our relationships and how we can improve our lives. This lunation encourages us to use our intuition and knowledge to serve ourselves, and self-love is highly important during this time.
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