How To Pull Off The Exposed Bra Trend Without A Celebrity Stylist

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Style trends come in two categories: easy to pull off or final boss level hard.
Those that fall into the former category (like the Y2K-reminiscent black stretchy headband trend and the gender-bending blokecore trend) are catalysed by celebrities, sure. But they always inevitably filter out to the Internet's global community in the form of an influencer's OOTD TikTok, or alternatively, their subsequent knock-offs can be shopped at a high street retailer's EOFY sale.
However, trends that fall into the latter category tend to be short-lived. They have clout because of their visibility. You see them on red carpets and in Bella Hadid's wardrobe. But they rarely last very long in the grand scheme of things, because they represent an unattainable ideal for the average person styling looks out of their minimalist capsule wardrobe at home.
One could argue that the exposed bra trend that's been seen on actors like Scarlett Johansson and Olivia Wilde, and Australian influencers like Maria Thattil and Isabelle Clarke belongs in the too-hard basket as the look could devolve into an unintentional wardrobe malfunction very quickly.
It's also a trend that can look cheap if not done correctly.
“It takes a PhD in fashion to get that look done well,” culture journalist Christina Binkley told USA Today. “Those are really expensive, carefully-designed clothes to look exactly that way. Most people don’t have the wherewithal to dress like that … None of it’s sloppy. It’s very purposeful, as opposed to just your bra sticking out.”
The fact that luxury houses like Miu Miu have sent out a veritable parade of celebrity ambassadors like Sydney Sweeney, Nathalie Emmanuel and Maddie Ziegler down recent red carpets in exposed bra ensembles does not do much to alleviate this suspicion either.
But not everyone has access to a Prada loan gown and a stylist like Johansson. So what's the solution?

Select The Right Bra

The bra you decide to don, and subsequently expose to the unsuspecting public, is the most important piece of this sartorial riddle. Of course, the undergarment you settle on is going to be determined largely by your personal style, but there are a few key things to remember while making your decision.
When we see the exposed bra trend on the red carpet, it isn't in the form of a traditionally sexy lace underwired bra. Luxe fabrics and finishes such as silk satin in simplistic cuts and metallic bustiers are layered with minimalistic tailoring to create something that feels expensive.
Alternatively, a more casual look can be achieved using a clean, white cotton bra in a sporty or modest shape, if that's more your thing. And if you're married to the idea of lace undergarments, try adopting a '50s-inspired shape that provides more coverage.

Get The Look Of A Bra — Without One

While moulding a chrome breastplate to your body admittedly sounds like the hardest DIY project of all time a la Lupita Nyong'o's look by Misha Japanwala for the Tony Awards, it is achievable if you're willing to put in a bit of effort. Content creator @radhikathedon did the hard yards and sculpted a silver chrome breastplate that served as the central piece to her Beyoncé Renaissance Tour get-up. "It’s defo a challenging process but a lot simpler than it looks," she assures one impressed commenter.
@radhikathedon Replying to @Nicole guys this is the final outfit for Beyonce Renaissance London today!! Thank you for all the lovee. Let me know what you think! 🤍🤍🤍🤍 #renaissance #renaissancetour #bevonce #beyoncetour #sewingclothes #CRAFTTIKTOK #beyhive #renaissanceoutfit #DIYbreastplate ♬ original sound - Radhika

Layer With Minimal Tailoring

Much like the bra it's meant to be showcasing, any complementary garments worn in the pursuit of the exposed bra trend need to have a luxe finish, and tend to be minimal and classic.
This can be realised with a variety of 'masculine' or 'feminine' shapes; an oversized satin tuxedo jacket or a form-flattering linen waistcoat, and a square neck gown or strapless mini dress. Sheer fabrics also allow you to flash a bra with intention, without the need for a plunging neckline or an undone lapel.

Try Exposed Bra Sets

If all of the above sounds like an utter time waster and mood killer (and we get that not everyone can be bothered with styling separates or using a heat gun to mould an acrylic breastplate). The good news is that the exposed bra trend has popped off so hard that there are plenty of exposed bra all-in-one sets and dresses that have made their way onto the market. These minimise the need to purchase multiple items of clothing, so you can enjoy the exposed bra look sans celebrity stylist or heat gun.
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