I’m A Dermatologist With Acne & I Swear By This $22 Product

Photo Courtesy of Dr Anjali Mahto.
Dr Anjali Mahto is a dermatologist and author of The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide To Great Skin.
Since the age of 12, acne has been a constant presence in my life. I'm now 42 — and a consultant dermatologist — and over the years I've had several ups and downs with my skin. It's in part why I chose the medical route I did. I wanted to be able to help others who were suffering with skin issues like me — and to ensure people didn't waste their time and money on products and treatments that simply wouldn't work. 
My personal acne management treatment has been made up of several aspects. I've been on isotretinoin (more commonly known as Roaccutane) several times, have tried various other medications including antibiotics and spironolactone, as well as in-clinic treatments including laser, not to mention using the right skincare. I'm at the stage now where I've accepted that acne is a lifelong condition. There is no cure — but there are ways you can manage it. 
The caveat stands that some acne cannot be treated with skincare alone and may require medical attention. If your acne is bothering you to the point where it's actively upsetting you, it's worth speaking with your GP or a consultant dermatologist as soon as possible. The sooner we treat acne, the less likely it is to cause acne scarring which can be difficult to treat later down the line.
But given that June is Acne Awareness Month, I wanted to share the skincare products that I've found to be worth their salt. It's hard trying to decipher what is and isn't appropriate for your skin but the products ahead are all ones I regularly use myself (and recommend to acne patients in my clinics).
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