The Full Moon In Gemini Wants You To Go For Your Goals

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The last full moon of 2022 occurs on December 8th at 1:38 pm AEDT in the sign of Gemini, ending the story that began during the new moon in Gemini on June 10th, 2021.
This is a moment in which we are coming to understand our path in life and subsequently beginning to make plans for the future, as we modify our goals accordingly. The dreams we had last year — or even last month for that matter — are changing and evolving at rampant speed into something different or even bigger than we originally thought. Now is the time to lean into the creative process and journey that’s beginning to unfold around us.
A full moon occurs when the sun and moon juxtapose each other in the sky. At this moment, the earth aligns itself between the sun and moon, allowing the moon’s face to light up from the sun. The moon exudes a bright luminosity that shines down on Earth, lighting up the world with an intense energy that aims to reveal matters for what they truly are. Astrologically, full moons represent emotional endings (most of which are bittersweet), change, and growth. Since the full moon falls at the end of the lunar cycle, it’s the culmination of all the events that have gone down in the past month.
This lunation is also heralded as the time in which the temperature drops, the days become shorter and nights become longer. It signifies the near end of the season and we are seeing the shift in front of our eyes as the air crisps and we break out our winter wardrobe. In the northern hemisphere, this so-called 'Cold Moon' marks the early days of Yule (which is occurring in two weeks) — so finish knitting your mittens and stock up on hot cocoa to warm up your soul . In the southern hemisphere, this is the onset of summer and the warmer months ahead. 
This particular full moon falls in the air sign Gemini. It’s giving us the push we need to express our needs and evaluate our emotions through logic as we progress to a highly spiritual place. The full moon aspects Mars retrograde in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius, and Neptune in Pisces. On December 6th, the day before the full moon, Mercury (who’s the planetary ruler of the moon) enters Capricorn. This will add structure to the wishy-washiness of Mars retrograde and Neptune through practicality and reason. This will allow us to have patience throughout the process. 
With Mars retrograde aligning precisely with the Gemini moon, we will want to make moves and take action towards transforming and developing  our present and future ambitions in an effort to attain our aspirations. However, it will take a while little longer than we expected. Don’t let Neptune’s illusive haze and fog stand in the way of your dreams — use it as a catalyst to insert your visions towards creating the reality you want by activating the Saturnian energy.
On a collective level, overall frustrations are going to hit a high. Arguments are going to happen due to the lack of certainty and understanding about matters. Neptune could bring out false news and information, causing us to feel stuck and unable to make any progress. Or, our insecurities could overtake our heartfelt desires and keep us stuck in the same place. 
No matter what happens — it’s important to believe in yourself at all times. Even if you have to fake it until you make it — you shouldn’t give up on your dreams and goals. As the famous quote from The Rocky Horror Show goes, “Don’t dream it, be it..."
Don’t let obstacles stand in your way of creating the life you desire.
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